Rock it Out!

Hey guys! Last night I went with my friend, Kristy, to the annual Wal-Mart Shareholders concert. This year they had Foreigner and Daughtry! It was tons of fun and boy can those guys rock! I was pretty surprised by Foreigner(and by how many songs I knew) Afterwards we went to Theos for a glass of wine and I had some delicious Ahi Tuna Wontons! I am going to try to make them, so good! Here are some pics!

they may be older, but they can still rock ; )

me being silly : )

sadie was glad when i got home
Also, a new little diva was born yesterday! My friends Chad and Ashley had a sweet baby girl yesterady. Go check out their blog for her first pics (she already has a bow in her hair : ))! Congrats you two!


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  1. cassi rash

    How fun! Small world, though. Two of my friends from high school work for Anderson Company who does all Wal-mart's marketing and PR. They help put on and organize this concert every year. Crazy, huh? I am coming to Springdale, AR, this weekend. It's going to be a fast trip, but I wish we could meet up!

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