Clothes, Shoes and a homework assigment for yall! : )

FIRST… Yalls comments yesterday were sooooo sweet and really touched my heart! Thank you guys so much! Drew is feeling a lot better today too! YEA!!! : )

Well after some major browsing I finally found this skirt online that a lot of you asked about!
It also comes in Chai! Happy Shopping! : )
Next, a lot of you asked about my white flower shoes. I got them at Forever 21, but they do not have them online anymore : ( But they have this new similar pair in black.

The Red dress I had on with the white shoes is here

Ok, now I need some help.. I got this shirt a couple weeks ago… so Audrey Hepburn!

I am trying to figure out what pants to wear with it. I am thinking some skinny black pants because I am wearing it for a dressier event, but I am having the toughest time finding a pair that is long enough or that just fits right. Does have any suggestions on where to find a great pair of black pants?

Thanks in advance!! XOXO!


37 thoughts on “Clothes, Shoes and a homework assigment for yall! : )

  1. pinkriss

    that top is fabulous! i am a fairly new blogger and enjoy reading your blog!! i work at the Gap when i am home on breaks from college and always have good luck with finding black pants there! happy shopping!!

  2. The New Mrs

    I would say skinny jeans! I think that they would look adorable with that top and a pair of heels. And I remember seeing those shoes at Forever! So cute 🙂

  3. GingerSnap

    OoOOOh, I love your new top and I love your skirt. You have such a fabulous wardrobe! You should consider giving a “closet tour” – you probably have countless goodies in there 🙂

  4. Chic Runner

    Love the skirt and guess what girl! we have the same flower shoes from forever 21! I have the solid black ones though 🙂 everyone LOVED them when I wore them. 🙂 Glad drew is feeling better, sorry to hear about his health problems but glad you are there for him!

  5. Nessa

    Oooo, love the top and express or even macys (in juniors) sometimes have freat dressy skinny pants. Good luck!

  6. Chloe

    Aww, glad Drew is feeling better! Being sick is a bummer.

    As far as pants, I agree with everyone else- Banana Republic or Express both have great ones. I think black would look great. I love the top, it’s so pretty!

  7. almost DUNN

    J Brand skinny black jeans with Side zips at the bottom. I JUST bought a pair, and I’m a bit of a long-legged girl myself, and they fit GREAT!!

  8. xoxo sarahbeth

    Thank you for your advice on my problem, Tara! I’m glad to hear that Drew is feeling better! That white shirt at the bottom of your post is absolutely presh!

  9. Watkins Wackiness

    Since you live in NWAR, I was going to say Express but everyone else reading your blog had the same idea. Also, have you tried Victoria’s Secret. Thats where i get alot of my work pants and suites… and their pants come long enough!! Would forever21 have any?? I’m not sure might want to check since they’re cheap!

  10. Rachael

    You have cute style! I’ve heard good things about JCrew, at least about their pencil skirts (which would also look cute with that white top)

  11. Candice

    Love Love Love the new shirt! Too cute…J Brand has the best skinny black jeans! I have had mine for a while and they have held up and go with everything! I’m sure no matter what you pair it with you will look great!

  12. Vineyard Vogue

    Such a cute top! And you're right on with skinny, black pants to go with! Sooo adorable!!

    Glad to hear Mr. Gibby is feeling better! Your post about his past injuries & health was so sad 🙁 But thank God it was all temporary and he is okay today! 🙂

  13. amywelborn

    Long pants are always so hard to find!! I feel ya! Did you want black pants…or jeans. I will tell you I bought a pair of jeans (and I think they had them in black) at Ropa in Rogers that were skinny and LONG. Love em. They are by “Rich and Skinny”.

  14. Sarah

    I don’t know if you ever found pants or if it is too late, but I randomly found some black skinny tuxedo pants at Express. I have a top that is sort of similar and they look fabulous with the top and some dressy shoes (I usually wear some green jeweled strappy shoes).

    Happy shopping!

  15. B

    Express had some great looking skinny capri-length pants that were a black sateen fabric…I bought them for work and they were very comfy too! I recommend them!

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