Sick Mr. Gibby and A story…

Well guys I don’t have much of a Dancing with the Stars recap because my poor hubs was really sick last night. REAL sick! I was up almost the whole night checking on him and making sure he was ok. He started having really bad muscle cramps in his feet and legs from dehydration early this morning, it really freaked me out. He is doing better now.
Now, I am so protective of Drew and get freaked out easily when he gets really sick, with good reason. See Drew has had a lot happen to him over the years that we have dated. I haven’t really told any of it on my blog, but I decided to go ahead and share this story…….
On our first anniversary we went to Vail Colorado for a romantic ski trip with another couple. Talk about breathtaking! The resort was just gorgeous! I had never been skiing so I was pretty excited. Drew was a snowboarder, and had been quite a few times. Well on our first day out I was at Ski lessons and was getting a pretty good hang of it. After 5 hours (the lesson was 9) I was ready to head back to the room to relax, I didn’t want to work THAT hard on a vacation : ) Well when I was opening our room, the phone was ringing. I answered it and it was the other couple calling me to tell me that Drew was in the hospital and that he had broken his ankle. I freaked out. I jumped into the resorts bus and headed to the hospital. When I got there it was A LOT worse than i thought…. he had a compound fracture in his lower left leg…. NOT good. Drew was hooked up to pain meds and was about to head into surgery when I got there. I was in disbelief as was he. The surgery went great and he was released the day after…. but it got worse. We decided to stay the rest of the trip because we drove there and I knew that he wouldn’t make it in the car for 13 hours the day after surgery. THEN..Drew was allergic to EVERY pain med and got REALLY sick. I was on the phone with his actual doctor every day trying to get him something to ease his stomach and pain. When it came the day for us to leave we decided that it would be best if he flew home and I drove the car home. Drew recovered pretty quickly and has had no problem with that leg to this day… But the story doesn’t end here….
About 5 months later… I was at work and called Drew cell phone and his friend answered and said that Drew was at the Emergency Room and that I need to get there asap. They preceded to tell me that Drew’s heart stopped while he was working out and that someone had resuscitated him at the gym. You can imagine how I reacted. I went straight to the hospital and found Drew. It was the worst thing I have ever seen. I honestly cant even describe it. Drew was not out of the clear yet, but for some reason I turned into this strong women and would not let anyone make me think the worst (I know this was God’s doing). Drew was on so much medication that he couldn’t even talk when he was transferred to the ICU. I still knew deep down that he was going to be ok. I will not go into much detail on his stay but, he was in the hospital for a week and a half (I only left twice and that is because my mom and sisters made me). They did EVERY test possible to try to find out what happened to him. Immediately we all thought it was a blood clot from his leg, but they did not find anything to support that. (although it could have dissolved) At the end of all the tests, they found nothing wrong with his heart but they decided to put a defibrillator in. There has not been any signs of a heart murmur since that day. I know in my heart that this was an act of God and he was watching over Drew.
I have debated with myself on whether or not to tell this story, but these hard times brought me and Drew closer than ever and also our families. These experiences are apart of Drew and I and make us who we are today.
Here is an older pic of Drew and I : )

I hope everyone is having a great day! Please pray that Drew gets better soon!!!
Happy Cinco de Mayo!


47 thoughts on “Sick Mr. Gibby and A story…

  1. Lindsey

    Oh my goodness, how scary! But YOU are one amazingly strong woman! So nuturing! You’re an excellent wife! Praying for Drew!

  2. Aartee

    Oh wow! I can’t even imagine what I would do…We had one situation that ended up in emergency surgery also and I don’t know how I did it…I will keep my fingers crossed that he feels better! I am sure he is glad he has someone like you to take care of him!

  3. Natalie

    Oh my gosh, that is such a scary story…Drew is so lucky to have such a strong, loving, caring angel wife! I’ll keep you guys in my prayers!

  4. A Balancing Act

    Drew is so blessed to have you. I know how stressful it can be and how scary it is to see your loved one in that kind of condition. My husband has a blood disorder and I’ve been put in that position a couple of times too. It definitely makes us stronger.

  5. Lauren

    Oh my goodness–what a coincidence–My hubby had a compound fracture of his lower leg on our first ski trip as well. It was so scary & was so not a fun trip 12 hours back home to Missouri. I feel for you & I hope Drew gets to feeling better!

  6. xoxo sarahbeth

    Wow! I would be so scared too! You are such a strong woman to be able to handle all of that with grace and prayer! Drew and you are in my prayers! ♥

  7. Nessa

    Oh my, that is awful!! I’ve said a little prayer for him, and i know he will be okay in yours and Gods hands! 😉

  8. PinkSass

    I have knots in my tummy just imagining what yall went through. But yes it made you guys stronger and you can get through anything now I’m sure.

  9. Megan

    Wow! That is so scary, I can’t imagine how scared you were in each situation, but you are so strong! I will be praying that Drew gets better soon!

  10. Brown Eyed Girl

    Oh my goodness that is so scary! I bet you do freak out when he gets sick!! Poor thing. That’s a lot to go through in your first year together. Hope he gets much much better 🙂

  11. alyssa

    Holy Cow, Tara!! that made my eyes water up!! I cant imagine going through that! thank the Lord he got better!! You guys are so perfect!!

  12. Dollface

    omg… i cant believe his heart stopped… I wouldve been so scared… Im so glad everything is ok… youre such an angel!!!! xxoo

  13. Aliya

    Awww, that’s the worst! My hubby has a very sensitive stomach and I’ve had to take him to the ER on numerous occasions when he’s violently ill… not fun! Hope Drew feels better soon!

  14. GingerSnap

    Wow, that is such scary stuff. I’m glad to hear you haven’t had any incidents like that since. I hope your Hubby gets to feeling better soon, he’s lucky he has someone to take such good care of him 🙂

  15. d.a.r.

    Oh my goodness, so scary!! That kind of stuff is supposed to happen to really, really old people and not young newlyweds, you know? I’m so glad that God provided and that he was okay. I hope he starts feeling better, it sure seems like he is lucky to have someone like you to take care of him.

  16. Ashley

    That is so scary girl! You are such a good wife, and so adorable! I am so glad that Mr. Gibby has you! I will keep him in my prayers… thanks for sharing! 😉

  17. Shopaholic Blonde

    Hugs & prayers coming your way!!! My lil man (well actually he'll be 12 on Sunday) but he is still my baby! broke his wrist on Saturday and I had to take him to get his cast on today and they had to REBREAK it and they gave him some meds that made him aggitated and hysterical and he was crying and yelling the whole time – it was scary and I was crying too! He's resting now. I hope Drew feels better real soon!!!

  18. Miss. Pretty

    Oh my goodness, Tara! Way to be such an amazing wife..actually, I guess gf at the time! I’m glad you didn’t lose focus and trust on God. I’m glad things are ok today and I hope Drew gets better fast!!! What a cute picture 🙂

  19. amywelborn

    Drew is lucky to have you to take care of him, I know he must appreciate it so much. Thanks for sharing the story and I pray he stays well!!

  20. Jane

    Oh Tara, you are such an amazing woman and wife! I’m keeping him in my thoughts and have faith that he will stay well!

  21. Peace, love, and Big

    You are SO strong! I can only hope that if I am EVER in a situation similar to this that I can handle it with as much optimism and class as you.

    I hope Drew gets better! Stay strong!

  22. Mojito Maven

    wow. how scary! i don’t even know what i would do if that was mr. m in the ICU. You are such a warm and caring person Tara. I hope he feels better soon. *HUGS and PRAYERS*

  23. quite contrary

    oh my gosh I bet you were scared TO DEATH! That story just broke my heart ; )
    So glad ya’ll have made it through all those hard times and have become stronger because of it.
    I hope Drew feels better soon!
    xoxoxo and lots of prayers coming your way!!!!!

  24. Kayce

    Holy cow! Just think of how much stronger it makes your relationship today. Everything makes us stronger. And you are one amazing woman! I would totally freak out in both situations. Thanks for sharing with us!

  25. LyndsAU

    thank you for sharing girl. I know that was tough. but you are right that those experiences brought you together. God works in mysterious but wonderous ways!! I am so glad Drew is ok now! Hope he feels better soon! hugs!

  26. writing4612

    I’ve been in the hospital MANY times, so I know that is NOT fun.

    I’ll be praying. I saw this post yesterday, but didn’t have time to comment.

  27. the future mrs Hinz

    OMG i had no idea. you are such a strong little lady to help him through all of that. i dont know how you held it together! you are an inspiration 🙂

    hope drew feels better

  28. Laurel

    wow!! I am so sorr y you and Drew had to go through that. I am sure it made you stronger as a couple but I can also see how you would be freaked our everytime something like that came up. Get better Drew!

  29. B

    That is very very scary to have gone through. I freak out about my health and freak out even more about the health of those close to me…I can’t imagine experiencing something like that, you are very strong!!

  30. Ashleigh Nichole

    Bless your heart sweet girl. That is so much for you both to go threw. I could not even begin to imagine! Thank you for sharing I love when other readers share as much good as they do bad because none of our lives are perfect sadly. We all have good & bad days! I am glad though that he is doing better now & that things are good…

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