Wrong time to be shopping, baby shower and packing!

Boy did my weekend start off interesting! Friday after work I ran up to the mall to grab a few things. The weather was not looking too good, but I checked to see where the storm was going to hit and it was going to miss Fayetteville, so I ventured to the mall. Well what i didnt know is that there was TWO storms. While I was shopping I was getting weather text message alerts saying Severe Thunderstorm warning, and I thought it was the storm that was going to hit north of us. Then I went into Dillards and saw that a lot of the employees were looking outside and then I saw some smaller tress spinning from the wind.. ummm not good. THEN I get another text message alert stating TORNADO WARNING…… uh oh! Of course I would be at the mall during a Tornado warning! So I call my family to see where they are and then the manager comes over the intercom stating that there is indeed a tornado cloud RIGHT ABOVE THE MALL and that it is showing signs of dropping, but is going back up into the sky. Cue Tara freaking out. So we all venture to the Dillards basement to wait out the storm. I call Drew and of course, he doesnt think its that big of a deal (even though the tornado sirens were going off) What he didnt know is that I was where the epicenter of the storm was! Luckily nothing happened and the storm passed over in about 3 min. I think next time I should probably stay home!! Needless to stay I stayed home the rest of the night and hung out with Drew and Sadie : )

Saturday morning I went to a baby shower for Erin. My brother in law’s mom, Becky, threw the shower at her home. It was beautiful! We had so much fun and ate a yummy brunch. I cant wait to meet Little Sam! Here are some pics!

Claire and Bo
Becky and my mom

the gorgeous table

sams goodies

me and bitsy

the girls

brooke and I

the mama : )

Saturday day night we went out with Brooke and Mitch out on the town! We had tons of fun, but ended up calling it an early night.. I just cant stay out as long as I used too! haha

Sunday I packed up two rooms and was lazy with Miss Sadie. I will try to get those pictures posted of the workouts in between all the packing! Its going to be chaos in the Gibby household this week! Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a wonderful day! XOXO


37 thoughts on “Wrong time to be shopping, baby shower and packing!

  1. a H.I.T.

    How scary! I would have freaked out. I’ve only had a tornado experience once in college, and boy was it scary. We were all moved into my sorority’s basement for the storm.

  2. kb

    I love those white shoes!!! Please tell us where you got those beauties, I need some cute white heals for a wedding this summer

  3. The New Mrs

    Um, we are soul sisters, I swear! Two years ago, I was stuck inside a spa during a tornado. I just had to get my facial. Thankfully, the spa had a hallway where we all hid for about 30 minutes. Nedless to say, my hubs will never let me live that one down. ever!

    p.s. Love all the pictures! The mommy to be is just glowing.

  4. Brown Eyed Girl

    Oh my goodness I hate tornadoes!! I would have been freaking out too! You must be one dedicated shopper – HA! Love your shower outfit and the flower in your hair! So adorable!

  5. Brooke Bertalan

    I’m so glad you guys came out Saturday night. We had so much fun. Next time we will start out at Fix so we don’t miss out on dancing time!!!

    Also, I can’t believe that now you know how close we live to each other, you are moving. But, I am glad you are moving somewhere nicer at the same time. Let us know if you need any help.

  6. Dollface

    Im so glad youre ok!!! and omg how amazing are your white shoes with the bow and the matching one in ur hair!! xxooo

  7. Megan

    I can’t belive that tornado story! I would have been so scared! Love the outfit you wore at the shower, you look beautiful!

  8. quite contrary

    love the coral dress…is it forever? I could NEVER wear a white flower in my hair either…you are too cute!
    I guess I missed the post about why you are packing…did ya’ll buy a new house?
    glad you had a great weekend!

  9. LyndsAU

    those shoes are FABULOUS 🙂 I love them!!
    i would have been scared to death at the mall 🙂 glad you are ok girly.

  10. Nessa

    The table is gorgeous, i have the same flowered F21 heels, and i would SO prob. be stuck at a mall while a tornado is going on as well..lol!

  11. Just Moi

    Sounds like a great weekend! (Oh, minus the Tornado!) I’d also be the one who’s in the mall on a wonderful day like that!

    But you look fabulous in all the pictures! xoxo

  12. alyssa

    pretty table, pretty girls, & i know you're not supposed to be jealous…..but i am so jealous you are moving!!

  13. Chloe

    Scary! Scary! Scary!! That is one thing I do NOT miss about living in the midwest (and in tornado alley). Colorado rarely gets tornadoes, and if they do they tend to be reeeeally weak, since we’re so close to the mountains here. Some of the towns on the eastern plains of CO have to worry a bit more, but not us near the Rockies! They don’t even have tornado sirens here! Husband (who grew up in Colorado) doesn’t even know what to do in a tornado- I had to demonstrate how to crouch low with your hands over your head. LOL. I’ve been trained well from years of living in South Dakota!

  14. GingerSnap

    Do your white shoes have flowers on them??? OMG! They are so cute, where on earth did you get them??!?!?? As always, you look super cute!

  15. B

    oh my god that tornado story is like my worst nightmare ever ever ever!! I am absolutely terrified of tornadoes!

  16. TexasLauren77

    I would have been freaking out! We’ve had quite a few tornado warnings since I’ve lived in Austin, and it always worries me to no end because I live in a top floor apartment! Glad everything was ok!

  17. jlc

    Your mama is a hottie!! Haha! So good to know that you shall keep your looks in yearssss to come. 😉

  18. Ashley

    Great story about the storm! I remember a few years ago Chad and I were in Bass Pro in Branson and that happened to us! I would have much rathered been in Dillards than in a hallway with a bunch of rednecks! HAHA! 😉 Cute pics, the shower was beautiful!

  19. Laurel

    That sounds SO scary!!! there is crazy weather EVERYwhere!!! we are going to get 30 mph winds tonight! yikes!

  20. Shasta

    I would have had an anxiety attack! Weren’t you scared?

    Great shower pics!

    I am always amazed that I can’t stay out as late as I used to! It’s shocking really, but we’re probably better off going home a bit earlier now!

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