A graduate and a Future Dancing With the Stars Pro

We had a weekend filled with all sorts of celebrations! Mr. Gibby was out of town in hot springs for one of his buddies weddings, but I def stayed busy!

Friday night the family and I drove up to Joplin for my little sister’s Nurse Pinning Ceremony! She is officially a nurse. I cant believe she is graduated! I feel so old! haha She has worked so hard and we are all so proud of her! Congrats Nicole. After the ceremony we went and ate at 609. It was super yummy! Here are pics from that night.

nicole and her bf aaron

nicole with our dad and brandi

nicole and I

nicole with our mom and jake

me and claire bear

owen is such a flirt

nicole with her cake we got her

Saturday morning was her actual Graduation! I think the cap and gown looks quite good on her : ) Here are some pics from that..
gorgeous sis

me and my mom

cute couple huh!: )

yay nicole!

the girls (rachel was at claires dress rehearsal)

my grandparents

me and my cuz
Saturday night we all headed back into town for Claire’s dance recital!! Let me tell you, and this is not because I am her aunt, but Claire was sooooo good and def a standout in her class. You have no idea how bad I want to have a little girl now! Rachel, Nicole and I all grew up taking dance classes and we had s0 much fun and to see Claire up there was sooooo awesome. I had to fight back tears, but I think Rachel cried enough for us all : ) Go check out Rachel’s blog for more pics, but here are a few of the Dancing Queen!
she got TONS of flowers and her expression was priceless!

love her

little beauty queen

my mom andI at dinner
Saturday night AFTER the recital I went and met some of my friends. I was supposed to go to our friend Darrick Bradley’s surprise party, but missed them. I hung out with some girls but made it an early night because i was exhausted. I was even too tired to take pics of us girls! haha
Sunday Sadie and I enjoyed the beautiful weather. It had rained for almost 3 weeks straight! So I went running and then took Sadie for a walk. Later that afternoon I met up with one of my besties for a late lunch and for a cold one : ) Kristy actually has recently lost 45 lbs! She is looking soo good and I am so happy for her! Here are some pics : )

thats one cold beer : )

Kristy and I
Another crazy busy weekend, but super fun! Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a wonderful monday! Tonight is the premier of the bachelorette! Be looking for my recaps on mondays now and also the finale of dancing with the stars!! whoo hoo! : ) XOXO


34 thoughts on “A graduate and a Future Dancing With the Stars Pro

  1. The New Mrs

    Your little Sis is adorable! And I am fully convinced that amazing hair and great fashion sense run in your family 🙂

    p.s. I have that blue and white dress! It’s from forever 🙂

  2. Mrs. Potts

    It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

    Congrats to your sister & her accomplishments. I've always heard how difficult Nursing school can be.

  3. Arlynn

    Fun, fun, fun… I'm lucy to have had a pretty relaxing weekend – probably due to the bad weather : – )

    I've actually been on a dress shopping mission for me & the Hub's anniversary dinner this Friday, but no luck so far.. Maybe some better finds tonight at Sac's!

    As long as I'm back for the Bachalorette – yea!!!!!

  4. The Heckathorns

    You always have a full weekend! 🙂 Claire looks so adorable in her outfit! And her expression in the picture with all the flowers is priceless! I don’t know how Rachel does it all…I get tired just reading about all of it! HAHA! And congrats on Nicole’s graduation.

  5. writing4612

    I already commented on Rachel’s blog about how cute Claire looked.

    I know Nicole is very glad to be done with school. You got some awesome pics. 🙂

  6. the future mrs Hinz

    beautiful pictures as always!! i LOVE your sisters black dress – SUPER cute! and your white/blue strapeless was perfect on you.

    looks like you had one of your usual fun filled weekends! you need a rest girl!

  7. quite contrary

    You seriously are the busiest girl I know!
    Great pictures as always!
    Clair is absolutely precious! I want her too!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend and I bet you are glad Mr. Gibby is home ; )

  8. Maggie

    Congrats to Nicole!! That is so awesome; I bet she is so glad to be done!! I love her cake – so awesome!

    Little Miss Claire is adorable as usual. Love her outfit! That pic w/ her and all the flowers is so cute – I bet she felt so special!!! Great pictures!!

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