The Quest of our Bachelorette Finding Mr. Invisible.

Well welcome back reality tv lovers! Are you ready to take this 13 week journey with Mrs. Gibby? haha. Well lets get started!

So the episode starts off with the one and only, Jason, I will call him Mr. Lamo. We see Jillian’s journey on the bachelor and how she somehow got out of it without being mesnicked. She got home and talked about how it took her weeks to get over lamo, but that is all in the past now. Then they show her frolicking around and trying on pink ankle boots and then she channels her inner Mary Tyler more and she tosses her red Barret in the air! We are used to the corny stuff by now right? Well then she says she is going to make the decision right the first time…lets hope so. Off to LA! The producers give us this montage of her being “sexy”. Washing a vintage car in cut off shorts…. hey it kinda worked for Jessica Simpson… ha!

Now lets get to the boys!

First we meet Kiptyn, which was my favorite before we “met” them and I was wrong haha. Nice abs, good face, has a great job but does he have the personality…. then we meet Mr. break dancer, Michael. The whitest break dancer that has ever lived but he is a teacher, he got some brownie points for that! Then there is Julian that is MAJORLY over compensating for something (yeah i just said that) buy the boy has jumped out of 500 planes, has this super RED hot rod, but hey maybe he can take some pointers from Kyle, the self described “good lover”. oh lordy. We meet the pizza entrepreneur, Mike. I mean what kind of job is that? Is that like someone who works at taco bell and is a taco salad artist? hmmm beats me : ) Then there is Kyle, which I just mentioned, who takes pride in shopping in thrift stores, and by what he wore the first night, he shouldn’t be so “proud”. We meet Wes next, who is a country singer who has a number one hit in Chihuahua, Mexico. no comment needed… Greg comes next and goes by the name “bilbro” He tells us he is a personal trainer and that he describes himself as a perfect 10, then we see him doing the running man and pretending he is on an imaginary horse… nice one producers! Last we meet Jake, who is a pilot. He seemed pretty charming to me and I think he will stick around for awhile.

FINALLY we get to see Jill meet the boys. She is very confident she will meet Mr. Invisible on this show……..uh huh… I will just go over the highlights…. The second guy out of the limo, Bryan, literally sweeps her off her feet, and it wont be the last time this happens. It was awkward, But it gets worse, Brian from GA, jumps out of the limo and calls Jill “Hot Tub Harris”.. wow.. this is where they should initiate the worst first impression rose, make it a black rose and send a guy packing before he even makes it inside! Then we meet tongue tied Dave, who was literally lost for words. I admit I felt sorry for the guy, but I think Jillian handled it very well. Lastly, Mike the pizza artist dude, tried to use Jill’s hot dog theory, but with pizza. He miserably failed when Jill rattled off 8 toppings… dude women on complicated…DUH! : )

So now its time to go inside for the all night drunkfest aka “the cocktail party”. Some of the boys finally turn into men and take Jill outside for the much wanted “one on one time” After the chain reaction was over, Jill pulls Kiptyn outside, where he states that she is better looking in person. oh wow dude, the search is over Jill, he is your winner! haha Kiptyn is not the one. A few more guys steal away Jillian and then Kyle comes in and draws a mustache on Jill’s finger while Bryan sits there like a bump on a log. Was anyone else worried she would get that black sharpie on her white dress? haha i was! Jill then gets sweeped off her feet ONCE again and is scared that she is going to be thrown in the pool. Then Wes comes over and plays he is unfinished song for her and hits a soft spot in Jillian. Too bad she didnt hear him earlier when he said he was in it for the prize! nice one. So then its time for a break dancing lesson! He teaches Jill a few moves and then Mr. Running man (Bilbro) comes in to challenge Mike. Yeah not much of a contest, but it was funny to watch. Just when the boys thought they had scoped out their competition…Chris brings in 5 more dudes. Someone quips “WE WERE HERE FIRST” but one of the newbies, Tanner, takes Jillian out for some alone time…… with her feet. Wow, this guy was BEYOND creepy. While Jillian thought he was a good communicator, he was secretly sneaking peaks at her feet. It was so disturbing to watch and even more disturbing when Jill said she thought he was cute and that she felt comfortable with him! EEEK! Later Jill goes and grabs the first impression rose. I thought Kiptyn had it, but Mr tongue tied Dave finally “talked” earlier on with Jill and impressed her.

5 am finally rolled around and it was time for the first rose ceremony. Yes these people stay up all night, but you would think they would let Jill freshin up! She gives her roses out and we have the usual adios speeches from the rejected Bachelors. My favorite line of the night came at the end by Steve… “Maybe she doesn’t like awesome guys!” Well Steve you may be onto something she did fall in love with Mr. Lamo and kept the Freaky Foot guy around…. I guess we have the rest of the season to find out!

So Jimmy Choo Readers… who were your favs? Who gave you the creeps?
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Yeah blogger was screwy yesterday! Get it together Blogger haha : )


28 thoughts on “The Quest of our Bachelorette Finding Mr. Invisible.

  1. Jessica

    Great recap – good thing I have you to recap because I swear I was sitting right next to you and don’t remember all of that. What about my guy, you didn’t mention one word about him – is that because he’s awesome?

  2. Miss HoneyDew

    Foot Fetish guy creeped me out beyond belief! Ok if you have a foot fetish but do you really need to divulge that on first meeting and to all of America? I think not. I really liked Kyptin, but only b/c I think his name is cool. I think right now I’m digging the country singer b/c like Jillian I am a sucker for a guy that can play guitar and sing…melt my heart!

  3. SJN

    1st- Yes blogger was having a problem yesterday and it was driving me crazy thinking it was me,until I looked around blog-town. It’s fixed!
    2nd- I’ve watched every season except for #1. It’s the ONLY reality show I watch but for some reason I get a kick out of it.
    3rd- I thought this first episode was so funny, I was Lol!
    4th- “Hot-Tub Harris” how very crude! I’m from Atlanta, but I hope’s OFF! Love your black rose idea, call ABC.
    5th- Melissa did great on Dancing and made the finals! Sorry J, she’s better off w/o you!

    from the previews of weeks to come looks like we’re in for a scandal! Keep watching…

  4. Arlynn

    Ahhh!!! The black rose is a MUST – hilarious, Tara : – )

    I'm a little dissapointed that the guy I "know" was cut on the first round but no face time = no rose & he looked a little on the wimpy/pouty side if you ask me.

    What about Juan?!? A part of me really liked him & his crazy family, but was he trying just a little too hard? Poor baby got THE last rose too!

    This will be an excellent season – can't wait for all of your updates : )


  5. Missy R.

    I have to say I love Kiptyn just because he looks like a Tony Romo look alike! Swoon! So I’m rooting for him right now but we will see as the season goes on! 😀

  6. Kari Beth

    i probably won’t get to watch the entire season, so i’m really glad you are doing the recaps! i LOVE jillian…and kiptyn was my fav! he was the only one whos name i could remember!

  7. quite contrary

    omg all I could think about and stare at the whole show is that her white train was all wet and dirty from them wetting down the stone outside and she drug that thing around all night! ugh! You would have thought they would have changed her! and YES I was so worried she was going to get that black marker on the dress! hahaha!
    I am REALLY worried about the creepy foot guy…he is like the craigs list killer…I think he might murder her and cut off her feet! God Forbid…but he really scares me! I mean really!

  8. Miss. Pretty

    Freaky FOOT Tanner is GROSS!! EWWW!
    My top 3: Jake, Jesse, and Juan! And I was very happy they secured roses 1, 2 and the last one 🙂 respectively!! Looks like a fun filled, dramatic season! What do you think about DWTS?!!?!?

  9. Blue Night Designs

    The foot man, I don't even know what to say about him. You & Crystal are so right about the strange man names! I wonder how that happened with that many. I wasn't a big DWTS fan, which surprised me! I think it's b/c of the music, I want to see them hip hop. Maybe I'll get my share of hip hop with the break dancing guy on Batch, too bad he seems crazy! 🙂

  10. Ashley

    Okay I have to say that I love Jake, the airline pilot. He seemed so real and genuine. But, he could be too stiff for her, she’s pretty outgoing! It was only the first show so maybe he will be a spit fire towards the end! Thanks for the fun post! 😉

  11. Mrs. M

    I am kind of thinking that Jake might be my favorite. It is amazing when she isn’t around all of them start talking bad to each other. And what was up with the lawyer guy who didn’t get a rose? He didn’t even try with her. He deserved to go home!

  12. Bethany

    I missed it!! Lexi had a double-header and I forgot to set my DVR. I also missed The Hills. These kids and their activities are really throwing a glitch in my tv watching! LOL!!

  13. Mrs. H-Town

    The foot guy is CREEPY I have no clue why she kept him and Bilbro is the biggest creep ever.

    I’m pulling for the Houston boys Sasha seems nice and Robby was a bartender at a bar we go to sometimes and several of my friends know him.

  14. Maggie

    I couldn’t wait to come visit you to see what you had to say about the season opener!! I have been excited since I saw the first previews airing during ‘Dancing’ (which I am bummed Mel didn’t win, but I liked Shawn, too – if that’s how you spell her name – is it just me or did that little girl put on some major weight/muscle since the Olympics – SHEEZ! That wasn’t nice of me to say… moving on. =)

    I love, love, love watching the Bacheleor(ette) and then coming to read your updates. I’m excited for Jill this season, but I have to say I was VERY creeped out by the feet dude. Seriously, did she NOT notice him staring at her toes in the water?! I would have noticed. Some of the guys were really arrogant – but that’s to be expected, here, right?! lol

    I was so looking forward to seeing your top 3 picks, LOL, helps me to focus on the right guys early on and pick up on the clues!! I’m not as observant as you are!! =)

    I didn’t like the lawyer guy – he was a little nerdy, glad he got sent home. And there were a few she picked that I prob wouldn’t have, but I swear I think the producers make her keep losers around for a while just to keep the drama going!! haha

    Great recap, Tara!! =)

    PS, Hubby saw me watching it and goes, “Oh lord, not THAT show again!!” haha (But then I turn to see him watching it secretly behind me!!) He’s not foolin’ anyone – he’s a fan, too!! LOL

  15. Lisa

    Tanner freaks me out. I mean really? Feet…weirdo!!!
    Anyway, Juan is my fav and then Kiptyn. They are D-lish!
    Until next week….

  16. amywelborn

    No fave for me yet. I’m with you…what the heck is a pizza entreprenaurer (sp?). Random!

    Also, wasn’t crazy about that white dress she wore!

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