Sickly Mrs.Gibby, Arkansas Idol, Claire’s Graduation

BLAH! That is how I have felt for the past couple of days. I have been fighting this horrid sore throat that finally subsided this morning.. now I am just congested! joy! I think I have been burning the candle at both ends and in the middle! haha. BUT like always we have a super busy weekend ahead of us.. no time to be sick!!! grrr! 🙂

Last night was the American Idol Finale and one of our very own here in Arkansas took the title! I literally screamed outloud! It was super sweet when his wife, Katy, came up on stage and he just lost it. Adam was one of my favs, but I think he will do even better without Idol. Kris will benefit more having the American Idol Crown.

getty images picture
Yesterday was also my nieces graduation from preschool. Here is one pic, but my sister will have a post later today or tmrw. It was soooo sweet! She is growing up WAY to fast!

some other randoms…some of you asked about the black floral dress I wore in a post below and you can find it here 🙂

Tonight is Kitchen Queens and it is Derby Themed. I got a fabulous hat yesterday that I am super pumped to wear. : ) I cant wait to see all the gorgeous hats all the queens wear tonight! Our new place is really coming together! I got a new master bedroom bedroom set yesterday and I love it! Its a deep chocolate brown and slate blue color scheme. I will post pictures once It gets finished.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!!!! Its almost the weekend! : )


19 thoughts on “Sickly Mrs.Gibby, Arkansas Idol, Claire’s Graduation

  1. Simply Me

    great taste chocolate brown and blue are my color schemes 🙂
    Restoration has my perfect color combo, my house thanks them! 🙂
    feel better lovely lady!

  2. quite contrary

    oooh have fun at the Derby Day dinner! Cant wait to see the pics!
    I also want to see the new bedroom stuff ; ) My bestie got me new bedding for my future room in Charleston…it is shabby beach chic! please post pics tomorrow so I will have something exciting to look at when I am at work by myself tomorrow! haha

  3. cassi rash

    Have fun at the Derby themed party. We are actually going next year because one of my husband’s friends is finishing up his residency in Louisville. I’ve already been searching for a hat. Where did you find yours? Hope you feel better!

  4. Dollface

    Congrats to the little one!! I hope youre feeling better for your party tonite… and thanks for the comments on Thundy!! xoxoo

  5. Mojito Maven

    ok him and his wife are ADORABLE and how cute is Claire in her little cap and gown….ahhhhhhhhhhhh love it!!

    also, i missed the opening show of the bachlorette…looks like i have some catching up to do!

  6. writing4612

    Yeah, I think Adam will go further after Idol. He was a very gracious runner up, which is to be commended.

    One bad thing about becoming American Idol is that Kris and his wife will never have any privacy. He just didn’t seem happy to win. I would have been jumping up and down!

  7. jlc

    Oh no!!! Feel better soon!! I know what you mean… I’ve been on antibiotics for a few days now…. ouuuu at LEAST we’ll be better for Memorial Day Weekendddddd!!!


  8. The New Mrs

    I am so excited for the weekend! And of course, I can’t wait to see pictures of your new place. I have a feeling it will be super stylish and fabby 🙂

    p.s. I need pictures of Sadie!

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