Kitchen Queens Derby Party!

Hey ladies! Last night was out kitchen queens derby party! Well all got our big hats and ate some yummy southern food. We had a blast! Drew and I are planning on going to the Kentucky Derby next year, so I will be on the hunt for the perfect hat next year! Cant wait!! Here are lots of pics….
claire is so silly

all the girls

sassy pants

me being silly with claire as the photographer : )

awe sadie : )


jake being silly now haha
I am so glad its friday and a 3 day weekend! Hope everyone has a wonderful memorial day weekend! XOXO


33 thoughts on “Kitchen Queens Derby Party!

  1. Mrs. Potts

    Fun, fun, fun!
    Derby is such a great weekend in Louisville. I hope that you two will be able to go. I’m already on the hunt for my dress/hat combo.

  2. FJ

    How fun. I saw the dress you’re mom is wearing at JC Penny’s. I wanted the one they have in pink/black/white but the smallest size they have is 4 🙁 It would require alot of altering so I had to pass it up. It looks great on her.

  3. CAMoore

    Oh you guys are going next year!!?? What fun! We love going to the horse races but the KD would be to die for!
    Looks like the ladies had a great time last night! Sad I missed!

  4. the future mrs Hinz

    im LOVING your hat!!

    i have talked to kim about doing a derby themed shower for the wedding so we could all wear fun hats!! looks like its a super fun idea from your pics 🙂

    have a great weekend girl! wish we could meet up while we are in town but we are just breezing through!

  5. writing4612

    It’s great that you have a group of friends that you can get together with knowing you’ll have a blast!

    Everyone’s hats are so unique! As usual, Claire is being a fabulous little fashionista. 🙂

  6. B

    your kitchen queens parties always look like so much fun, too bad none of my friends like to cook or bake or I’d totally start my own group!

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