New Purchase!

No its not a new pair of Jimmy Choos but….
WAAAHOOOO! I got a new laptop yesterday! You all know I take LOADS of pictures, so I had to get one with lots of space. The only color they had in stock was blue, so I had to girl it up and get a pink mouse : ) So if you thought I blogged a lot before… watch out! haha Now I just have to find a cute bag to carry it in : )
Here is me and my lovely computer

Tonight we have a fun event we are going too! So expect lots of fun pictures tmrw! ALSO… my best friend Kristin just started a blog with her new jewelry line. Go check it out.. She is new to blogging so give her some bloggy love : )Have a great day ladies! XOXO


25 thoughts on “New Purchase!

  1. Kayce

    YAY!! I just got one too. I think we may actually have the same one. They look very similar! I bet you’re going to love it!

  2. Lane

    Wow I am SOOO behind! I just got caught up on here! You lucky girl! I need a new one desperately! A pink mouse…how cute! 🙂

  3. Ashley

    You are so cute! I just love it!!! 😉 Love the pink mouse idea, way cute sweets! maybe you could bling it up with some crystals? That’s my favorite thing to do!!!! HAHA!

  4. The New Mrs

    I cannot wait to see more picture of Miss Sadie :)))

    p.s. I have a pink laptop, so I completely understandyour dissapointment with blue. But at least you have a pink mouse!

  5. cassi rash

    Yeah for a new computer! That’s on my “to purchase” list. And I secretly LOVE the laptop bags they make now a days. So cute!

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