I have Nothing to Wear and a Queen Award!

Yes I just said that.. and yes I know I am crazy : ) Last night I was trying to plan all my outfits for all the events Drew and I have and I got a tad frustrated and ended up drink some (half a bottle) wine ha! Does anyone else feel like they have a close full of nothing to wear!

on another note. The lovely Missy just gave me this award and its adorable! A Queen award! How awesome is that! : )

My queenly duties include:
1. List seven things that make us awe-summm!!!
2. Pass the award on to seven bloggers, I read religiously.
3. Tag those 7 bloggers.
4. Don’t forget to link the Queen that tagged us.
5. Copy the pic and put it into your sidebar.

So, here it goes… 7 things that make me awe-summm!!!
1. I have purchased my dog over 60 items of clothes and I am not ashamed that they are all on their own hanger and in our new dress closet : )
2. I LOVE football and can talk sports with the best of them.
3. I am a dress-o-holic and I am in the process of turning all my girlfriends into one. haha
4. I am the best wife ever.. (right drew, I know you are reading) haha ; )
5. My mom and my sisters are my best friends!
6. I am always thinking about others and love to do things for people.
7. I love to eat good food and sweets and would rather run that extra mile on the treadmill to indulge in a big piece of cake! haha

So the lovely ladies I give this award too

The Future Mrs. Hinz because she is fabulous and her future new initals are HRH- Her Royal Highness : ) perfect!

The New Mrs because we would so be best friends if we lived closer : ) Sadie thinks her puppy is pretty cute too : )

Quite Contrary because she is absolutely adorable and the sweetest!

French Kiss because she is a beautiful girl that has the best outlook on life!

Ginger Snap because she has red hair. duh! haha : ) Such a sweet girl!

Lindsey because her and garth are the cuteset couple ever!

Pink Sass– Her wedding was fit for a queen!

Pass the Crown along ladies : )


28 thoughts on “I have Nothing to Wear and a Queen Award!

  1. quite contrary

    Thank you so much!
    I love that you have all of sadie’s clothes hung up…guess I should have gotten a girl dog b/c Peanut doesn’t get dressed up very much!
    I am SURE you can find something…but I know what you mean about nothing to wear in a closet full of clothes! I HATE wearing the same thing twice ; )

  2. Peace, love, and Big

    I ALWAYS feel like I have nothing to wear and I have 2 closets full of clothes and 5 bins full as well… and that doesn’t include they dirty laundry.

    Anyways I was wondering if you could stop by my blog. I have a contest going on and I think you’d be great at it!! Thanks ahead of time girl!

  3. Brown Eyed Girl

    I feel the same way every morning!! I look at all my clothes for a good 10 minutes before I actually find something to wear…so annoying!

    Congrats on the award!

  4. The New Mrs

    Thank you! I feel so honored to receive this award from the FABULOUS tara! 🙂 It means the world to me. And Charlie has a big crush on Sadie too. He loves her eyes and sense of style 😉

  5. Megan

    I can definitely relate, I always feel like I have nothing to wear, but then it makes me feel bad because I do have so many clothes! But I think we all go through times where we feel like we have a whole lot of nothing! Congrats on the award!

  6. Stacia

    Love a girl that can talk football 😉
    And I have not been reading your blog long but I know you have something to wear =)

  7. cassi rash

    That is a cute award! Congrats! I ALWAYS feel that way about my closet. That’s why I miss having girl roommates. I love to clean stuff out that I haven’t worn recently and have a friend do the same and then swap goods. It makes me feel like I’ve gone shopping!

  8. A Balancing Act

    I have nothing to wear…every stinkin day! Every morning, I sit there are stare at my closet…then I’ll go do my hair…and come back and stare…like something cute would just magically pop up!

  9. jlc

    Awww! You are amazing! Thanks so much!!

    I’ll wear it with loveeeeee. 😉

    Hope you’re having a good day gorgeous!

  10. Lindsey Conrad - Nabors

    Oh my gosh – I can SO relate!!! I have way too many clothes, more than I know what to do with – but it always seems that I cannot find a dad gum thing to wear! That is the worst feeling!! ugghhh – especially when you have somewhere important to go, or you are in a hurry. But – it’s always a good excuse to go shopping, now isn’t it?? LOL

  11. KAC

    I feel the same way…whenever I have to get ready for a nice event I always stare at my closet for like 20min and come up with nothing!! I always solve the problem by going shopping 😉

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