Winner!, So Flattered, and Dancing Semi Finals

Hey girlies! So I woke up today and found out I won a bloggy giveaway over at Bibs and Cribs! Yippie! My first one ever! It’s this amazing skin care bar, Wonderbar, I can’t wait to use it! Thank you Lisa and Amanda!!!!

AND one of my fabulous followers, Laurel, made a post about me on her fashion blog! Talk about being flattered! Go check it out! She always posts the most amazing fashion photos! Thank you Laurel! 🙂

So last night was the Semi-Finals on Dancing with the Stars. I didnt quite agree with the judges.

Gilles and Cheryl- ok, I am kinda over this dude. I thought his Salsa was a tad sloppy and thought for sure the judges were going to agree, but they didnt. The first dance I enjoyed, but maybe it was because I liked the song? He wont be going home this week. On another note, does Cheryl and Gilles relationship disturb anyone else, or is it just me? A little to close for comfort for a married man.

Shawn and Mark- They were in the middle of the road for me last night. Their Argentine tango was pretty good, but the jive was just so so. I think Mark likes to take risks and they sometimes pay off, but this time they didnt. Maybe the judges were dizzy from all the polka dots?

Mel and Tony- I think the judges were way to hard on her this week. I adored their first dance and thought it had great musicality (oh boy,I am beginning to talk like the dancemaster) Then their Cha cha was good too, but the judges once again hammered down on her. I think the hat may have threw it off.. Save the hats for Mark.

Ty and Chelsie- oh man, its time for this cowboy to hit the trails. If he does go home, I will miss his sound bites, i dont even think Ty knows he is that funny! : ) I do want Chelise to return next season if they see the red light tonight, she is a pretty girl that has a real talent of teaching!

So who was yalls favs? Who do you think is going to get that exquisite mirror ball trophy?

SO… next monday is the premier of the Bachelorette! I did a poll awhile back and the results showed that a lot of you are going to be tuning in. The preview last night looked pretty good with lots of cute boys! I think I will be tuning in just so i can recap each episode on here : )

(picture from! Just looked at all this seasons “men” and this guys is my fav before “meeting” them! CUTIE! Hmm maybe a F3 contender! haha
Have a great day! XOXO


26 thoughts on “Winner!, So Flattered, and Dancing Semi Finals

  1. Lindsey

    I am SO excited for the Bachelorette!!! She is so cute!

    I agree, the judges were WAY too hard on Mel last night and it irritated me!

  2. Dollface

    My roomie was watching DWTS last nite in the living room and all I could hear was that Michael Buble song dance with me and I cant get it out of my hand…. xxooo

  3. Arlynn

    Woo Hooo!!! Yea for Jillian & the Bachalorette – I CAN'T wait!!! I practically made the gals at work here sign a commitment that they would tune in each week, so that we could be able to really dish on it : – )

  4. LyndsAU

    I can’t wait for the Bachelorette 🙂 So pumped!
    i am rooting for Melissa but I think Giles is going to win! They were way to hard on Mel last night! ugh

  5. Blue-Eyed Bride

    i thought Gilles’s samba was not great at all. i was thinking the whole time, “there’s no way the judges are going to like this. he’s practically just standing there while cheryl dances all around him.” then they threw up three 10s!

    i thought melissa was great. why are they so hard on her? len sems to be the only one who isn’t hard on her and she worked so hard on her footwork. whatever.

    shawn is cute, but she shouldn’t win. i do love mark ballas, though! 🙂

    i agree that ty should go home.

    and i can’t wait for jillian to be the bachelorette! it’ll be great maternity leave entertainment for me!

  6. Chic Runner

    I <3 shaun and mark, and am warming up to giles and cheryl but do agree with you about their weird relationship.. 🙂 I'm SO over melissa ha ha. We are different in our tastes. And you are right, ty is HILARIOUS! in last weeks results episode we watched his 'mommy like' line like 50 times ha ha. I couldn't get over it. And, I CAN'T wait for the Bachelorette! 🙂 I am kind admitting a girl crush on Jillian she is just TOO cute 🙂

  7. CAMoore

    rub it in why don’t you???! ( wonderbar)!!!!

    Haha!! Congrats on winning!!! You will have to tell me how it works!!

    How’s the new place coming along? I bet you are just thrilled getting a new place to decorate!! Fun!!!

  8. The New Mrs

    Oh I love love love Jillian! And even though I said in your poll that I wouldn’t watch, I changed my mind. Of course I am going to watch!

  9. cassi rash

    I am not suprised at all that you are on someone’s fashion blog. You always look so classy! I love Melissa. I forgot and thought the Bachelorette started last night, but I will be tuning in as well!

  10. USCEmily

    You are definitely not the only one that is disturbed by Gilles and Cheryl’s relationship. She always looks at him like she is in love with him- it totally bothers me! I must say, though, that I have never been a Cheryl fan!

  11. TexasLauren77

    I am SO with you on Cheryl and Gilles being a little too much for a married guy. I think if I were his wife, I’d be a little uncomfortable. But, I guess it’s also part acting and selling a role when he dances, so I can see that, too.

    And I CAN’T WAIT for the Bachelorette to start!!! I loved Jillian last season, and at the time felt terrible when she was voted off, but given what kind of guy the bachelor turned out to be, it’s obvious that she walked away as a much bigger winner!

  12. Brown Eyed Girl

    I agree, Ty needs to hit the road. He just doesn’t have it like the others do! He is so funny though!!

    I will most likely be sucked in to the Bachelorette this season. She is sooo cute and so are the boys 🙂

  13. B

    Ooh I’m really looking forward to the Bachelorette this season, and I haven’t watched since Jen Scheft was on like 9 million years ago.

  14. AprilMarie

    DWTS frustrates me sometimes. I watch some of them dance, and I can't help but wonder why the judges score them the way they do. But the show IS one on my guilty pleasures =).

    Oh, & you're so right. That guy is definitely gorgeous. Hope he goes far so we get to watch him for a while.

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