Surprise Party.. Moving.. Mothers Day and even more Moving!

Ok ok.. I fibbed a little thursday. : ) I did indeed wake up at 6 am and move my whole closet, but I really was driving to little rock for my best friend Brittany’s surprise 80’s themed birthday party!!! We sooooo fooled her! Lauren and Brittany’s family conspired together a big 80’s bash for her. I was in charge of britt’s outfit and she looked so cute! Kristin and I got some 80’s dress, broke out the blue eyeshadow, layered on some necklaces and even found white lace gloves! So fun! Lauren even dressed up as the chaperon TOO funny! Brittany was so shocked and giddy the whole night. Kristin and I got Britt a gorgeous jewelry organizer that my mom made. Go check out her blog! Its so cute! We had a blast dancing to 80’s music all night.

Britt- I hope this was the most fun birthday ever! Love you!!!

being silly

hottie! : )

lauren and me

britt gettin down with the hula hoop : )

pretty girls!

dance party!

side pony tale time

the girls imitating my “pose”

a caboodle!!

the posters were awesome


the kreps

cake time!

love these girls

oh my.. no comment
so colorful! : )

We wear pearls to bed : )
Saturday morning I had to wake up pretty early and drive back into town to help move the rest of the house. I am so excited to decorate our new space… its sooo stinkin cute! Saturday night after moving Drew and I needed a well deserved break so we went out for a little while with our friends! I got to meet up with my friend Hailey that was in town for mothers day! Go check out her blog! She is a bride to be! I cant wait till her bachelerette party in july! It was also a friend of mines birthday and we met up with her for a drink.

brooke and I

hubs and I

erin the bday girl!

we almost had everyone doing the “pose”

my sis and I being silly Hailey!

gorgeous couple huh!

Sunday Drew and I met the family at shogun for mothers day lunch! I was soooo sooo tired, and you can tell in these pics haha. After lunch my sisters, claire, my mom and I all went and got pedicures! Then that night we had another family dinner for mothers day. I am so blessed to have a fabulous mom. Not only is she my mom, but my best friend too. I hope I can be as great of a mother as she is to me to my future kids. Love you mom!

at sho gun

me and my beautiful mom

look at claires leg! love it!


So needless to say i am EXHAUSTED.. BUT I wouldnt change a second of the weekend. I had sooo much fun! We have an even busier rest of the month… 3 graduations, two weddings, a dance recital, a bday party and graduation parties.. phew! I need to start taking afternoon naps lol! Hope yall had a great weekend XOXO!


40 thoughts on “Surprise Party.. Moving.. Mothers Day and even more Moving!

  1. Arlynn

    Fantastic 80's theme – I love it! We had a busy weekend too… although I think you still beat me, moving is exhausting! Good luck & I can't wait to see pics of the newly decorated place ; )

  2. Lauren

    You guys were all super cute at the party! Looks like you had a long, exhausting week! I guess it’s just that time of year!

  3. quite contrary

    First of all, you might be the busiest person I know!
    Second of all, you may have the most friends out of anyone I know…well within short enough distance to be able to see them.
    Third of all, GREAT PICTURES! Love the 80s party!
    Hope you can get some rest now! You need one of my weekends I just had! xoxo

  4. Miss. Pretty

    I love 80s themed ANYTHING haha! A local bar here has 80s night on Thursday.. I live close enough to hear all the’s awesome 🙂 Glad you had a good weekend.. are you going to post pics of your new house?!?! I bet it will be decorated top notch!

  5. amywelborn

    Love the 80’s party…I’m so thinking I need a Caboodle;).

    You look adorable and such a fashionista…you need to shop for me!

  6. Chic Runner

    Love the 80s colors. Gosh! Those days are coming back ha ha. 🙂 Love that dress that you had on for mother’s day. I think I just saw it at Forever 21 🙂

  7. Laurel

    OMG your white dress I am in LOVE!!!! where did you get it… do you have a straight on shot… I would love to put the dress on my blog… if that is ok with you! *becuase you are so stinking cute too!

  8. Bethany

    I am usually very busy on weekends, but I truly don’t think I could’ve made it through that one!!!

    Looks like you had lots of fun though!

  9. LyndsAU

    i looove 80s parties. they are the best! 🙂
    i am worn out after reading about your weekend. you are such a trooper 🙂

  10. Simply Me

    OMG how cute are you…. what a fab weekend! Love all the pics…. good luck staying awake too… I know how busy those months can get 🙂

  11. Chrystina

    Oh you are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Your hair is perfect, and I just cant get over how stunning you are!!

    The Dirty Dancing & Pretty in Pink posters rule — my favorite movies!!! 😉

  12. cassi rash

    So much fun! We went to an 80s themed 25th birthday party back in the fall and it was SO MUCH FUN! We busted out the crimper, though.

  13. Shasta

    You and your fabulous pictures! I look forward to your posts, you are so fun. You are a great girlfriend, those girls are so lucky to have such a ray of sunshine in their lives!

  14. GingerSnap

    I just love looking at all your fabulous photos! It looks like you just had the BEST time ever. I also have been cracking up over the Caboodle present! So classic! Where did they ever find one?

  15. Jessica

    Glad you had such a great and busy weekend. The 80’s party looks like FUN!!! Love the big puffy prom looking dresses – funny!!!! Can’t wait to see your cute new place.

  16. almost DUNN

    CCAAAAA-razy!! I know Erin from wayyyyyyyy back when! The guys we dated were best friends. I love her, so sweet!! We are from the same area in Texas too!

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