All Aboard the Cho Cho Train!

So we start this episode off with the boys learning they are going to be going on a cross country train ride. fun fun. They all get load up with a nice booty slap from jill. So they learn that there will be a series of dates along their trip and Robby boy gets the first one. So they venture downstairs from some bar tending trick lessons. Jill gives her best attempt at the cup flip trip.. about 30 times and fails. They finally sit down for a drink and talk about the future. Basically Robby has no future plans whatsoever. So then they head to the caboose for dinner. Jill keeps on talking about how young and fresh she feels around Robby but is worried that he is not ready for the future. So while Robby is thinking that the date is going great SCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEECCCCCCCCCCCCH! The train stops.. Jill gives Rob the whole your a great guy speech and then the dreaded BUT comes and he is kicked to the side of the mountain, suitcases and all. Jill says she is not very good at breaking hearts, but it seems that she is getting pretty good at it to me. Bye bye robby! Hope you packed some skis! So sleazy Wes decides he is going to go comfort Jill. He tells us that he has Jill wrapped around his little finger and that we better believe it. Well I do believe it, but I cant wait till she kicks you to the curb, you better hope ABC leaves you in Mexico with all your “Fans” ha!

The next morning the boys and Jill have breakfast and she leaves them a date card. Group date time, but Reid is the one that gets the final one on one date. So they all get off the train and go to Emerald Lake for some Snow Shoeing. Tanner runs to the red shoes, since Jill had red on and then offers them to her. You may ask Why… well he wants to get close to her feet and Tanner even states that its pretty obvious now. ha! So they go trotting around in the snow and these pretty ridiculous shoes and all the boys talk about how cute Jill is and how she even falls gracefully…. it kinda felt like Desperate Bachelor. Back on the train Reid is talking to a train staff member about what he should wear to his date. I think she had the hots for him : ) So all the guys go to a cabin and Jake takes Jill off for some alone time. So Jakes tells Jill that she is just like his mom and Jill just seems completely uncomfortable and the other guys save her by coming out and ruining Jakes chance. She doesnt like nice guys Jakey boy.. go find you a good southern girl : ) So Kiptyn takes Jill inside and he may be in the clear from the giddy talk because she doesn’t seem to be drunk this time. So they actually talk for 2 WHOLE minutes(crazy right) before they start making out. So our break dancer decides he is going to step it up a notch by asking Jill what she wears to bed. So Jill says that on a normal night she wears a T-shirt and undies and a night she has had a few drinks just undies… you better keep your doors locked Jill. So footboy takes this opportunity to show Jill what he wears. Awkward moment and then Jill takes it further and says in a personal interview that she is not ready to see anyones “package” just yet,and then she says “even though it is huge” oh geez. Somehow Tanner gets the next one on one time and its all about the feet. He even says that she should paint them Mango Mango… lmao! Are you sure you are on the right show dude? He says that their one on one time was incredible…GOSH PLEASE PLEASE! Get rid of this guy, My ears cant take it anymore! Next up is Jesse’s one on one. They probably had the most normal alone time this date. Good conversation, a normal kiss and it was just plain sweet. Where did this guy come from! So Break dancer boy and Jill go roast marshmallows together. I dont know about yall, but he is a big dork and I totally see the friend card being thrown his way soon. Back in the cabin Tanner spills the beans about him being the snitch about the telling Jill about the girlfriend. Everyone seems to be pretty cool about it except for Wes. Being Defensive=Guilty. Wes takes it further that he has been there for 6 shows and has gotten his publicity for his so called album. Tanner turned in to rage man for a minute and looked like he was about to pounce on Wes. I so wished he would have. So they all venture out into the hot tub and Kiptyn gets the rose, no surprise.

Next up is Reid’s date. But first Jake tells Jill that he is golly ge head over hills about her. Jill responds with a kiss to his hand. DOY! Jake has no idea what is about to happen to him. Poor guy! So on to the Reid date, they jump off the train and Reid’s train staffer lady is there to say bye.. i swear she had the googly eyes for him : ) So Jill and Reid go snowboarding. Reid had no idea what he was doing. haha. but Jill LOVED how good of a sport he was being. Back on the train, the boys are talking about how Reid is just not right for Jill, since they know everything right. Jill and Reid have drinks literally on ice sculptures and they talk about how red ears mean your horny. I am so glad I got that bottle of wine before I watched this episode. So next they head up to a hotel room where they have fondue and Reid totally ruins the moment by saying he is freaked out by it. I would so be thinking this guy is a weirdo, but Jill loved it. So they have more awkward conversation about how they are not each others types and how they will just let fate decide where they live and then she gives a very tipsy will you except this rose speech. Then they make out… with red ears and all haha (get your mind out of the gutter tara!) haha.

So the train finally makes it last stop and its rose ceremony time. But first, its pow wow time with Chris. Chris kinda gives Jill a hint about Wes being a loser, but Jill did not catch on. We learn that Jake is well perfect, Tanner is well tanner, and Michael is the “friend.” Rose ceremony time and Jill pulls aside Break dancer boy for some questions. We dont learn anything new, Michael hasnt aged over night. As Jill and Michael walk in the guys start asking who has the girlfriend and Wes gets defensive AGAIN, but gets saved by Jill giving Jesse the first rose. Then Wes, DOH! then……………………Michael. YIPPPPIE Footboy is gone. But I am sad for Jake.. BUT he will be back next week to rat out his buddy Wes. AND Ed returns for the rose ceremony.

So are yall glad to see Footboy gone? Are you sad for Jake? and was that no the “most dramatic preview EVA” haha (ps. i dont think the ending is as dramatic as they are making it out to be, lots and lots of voice overs, maybe Ed had to propose before the final rose ceremony because his boss called? : ) or maybe Wes returns back with his next #1 hit and proposes! oh boy haha)
I will post some things I find out tmrw : )


14 thoughts on “All Aboard the Cho Cho Train!

  1. Missy R.

    First I can't believe she kept Wes & noone had the guts to tell her what she said! I am sooo sad for Jake! He was my second fav to Kiptyn, and I'm glad he's coming back next week to tell her the truth i just hope she believes him! Also I'm kinda hoping Jake's the next bachelor!

  2. MCW

    I think she keeps Wes even after Jake comes back. You can see his creepy cowboy shirt going into a room during one of the overnights!

  3. LyndsAU

    you know I love me some RS 🙂 So after last nights preview Ed so comes back and proposes! I can't dang wait! 🙂 ha!
    I wasn't so sad to see Jake go. He's a little desperate and kinda annoying but I did like him. Wasn't sad to see footboy go! HOLLA! He was just annoying and they had no chemistry!
    I want Ed to win! But Reid is fabulous too! Oh and Kiptyn! I love them all! 🙂 Hard choice!

    Love your recaps!!

  4. Maggie

    I missed the first 30 min, actually watched it live last night, so I didn't see Robbie get kicked off yet, but that one didn't surprise me.

    I am really shocked that she kept break-dancer boy around. He does make her laugh, but I haven't even seen them kiss until the previews for next week. I think he'll be the next to go.

    Wes makes me want to throw up, literally. They really showed some bad clips of him last night, to show us his true colors, even though we'd heard them all along. He's not even cute, I don't think. Very sleasy if you ask me. And how convenient that he 'takes her to meet his band' next week. That totally figures. Slime ball. Hooray for Jake coming back to not only tell Jill but also confront him in person!! Now that's a real man!! haha

    I am sad for Jake to see him heart broken, cuz he is a nice guy, but I just didn't see the connection with him and Jill – or at least not as strong of one as she has w/ the other guys.

    I'm SHOCKED foot boy lasted as long as he did. I think Jill lead him on though. I mean, don't let a guy who has an obvious foot fetish rub your feet if you're not interested!

    They sure do know how to build up the next week's show!! Can't wait for the finale!!

  5. Rachel

    She is a nut job!! I am glad foot boy is gone and I feel bad for Jake as she lead him on. Wes is a tool….Now I have to go back and watch it!

  6. C

    I love your take on this show. I don't even watch it anymore- just read your review. Wes is a loser and needs to go. The more I hear, the more I'm annoyed with Jill!

  7. Lindsey

    OMG the preview totally sucked me in and I cannot wait to see what happens! I am pulling for Ed, though I do like Kipton and Reid. Ahh so tough! Seriously, I cannot wait for her to get rid of Wes – Cannot stand him!! I am glad footboy is gone, but I did like Jake. Can't wait for more next Mon!

  8. Brian and Kelly

    Does Wes not realize that all girls are going to hate him after this!! I guess if he has a girlfriend, she doesn't care what a loser creep he is….just as long as he gets his music plugged! Ugh, I don't see what Jillian even sees in him and why are all the guys too scared to say that he's the one with the girlfriend?? It's good entertainment, but a little hard to watch knowing what we know about him and Jillian has no clue….poor girl. Anyway, I am really happy about Ed coming back…I hope he is the one she ends up with!

  9. Miss HoneyDew

    SO glad footman is outta there! What a creepster for sure!!! Nice tightie whities! I am really starting to like Reid, I never really noticed him till this week! I felt SO bad for Jakey poo! He's such a cutie! Wes needs to get the big ole boot! I'm so excited for Jake to come back and spill the beans. Your commentary cracks me up!

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