Fun in the Sun!

Hey guys! This weekend was full of soakin up the sun!

Friday afternoon I went over to my sister’s house to play with my niece and nephew in their blow up pool. We had a blast! Of course aunt Tara let them have as many Popsicles as they wanted haha. We took some fun pics
That night Drew and I had a date night at home with yummy pesto pasta and a great bottle of wine.

me and sadie jane!

cute kiddos

the kids and their aunt t


sweet boy!

claire bear!

Saturday afternoon we headed to the lake! Our friends Ryane and Cody were in town and Ryane’s sister Katie had a mommy’s day out! We had a blast! I managed to snap a few pictures : )

cedar, ryane and drew

cedar got ahold of my camera

the gibbys

pretty girls!

the boys!

drew and chris

drew and damo

both these girls just had babies and look fabulous!

That night Drew and I went to Theos (surprise surprise) and at lots of yummy food. We went to bed really early haha, we were so tired!
Sunday we took it easy most of the day and then that night we ate dinner with my family and then my little sister and I went to my dads. Also, Sadie Jane gave her daddy his fathers day card and his favorite chocolates. See pics below : ) Sadie just ate so ignore her wet beard : )

hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!! Check out my father’s day post below!


26 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun!

  1. Aleksis

    Aww, love all the pix especially sadie giving Drew his father's day card! Too cute! I'm not much of a beach person, but I love going out on lakes it's the best…looks like you had fun. P.s. you and your man have the nicest bods!!!

  2. The New Mrs

    I love it that Sadie gets her daddy a Father's Day card. Charlie does it too 🙂

    And the pictures on the boat are fantastic. Looks like you had a teriffic weekend.

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