I LOVE Taking Pictures!

First off, thanks for the sweet messages on the last post. I really appreciate them. : )

Ever since I was little, I have always enjoyed taking pictures. I remember buying my first Polaroid(why did they stop making those?!?) and I remember always being the designated “picture taker” of the family. You guys already know that I have 1000’s of pictures, but as I mentioned on a post below, I want to take some classes. I am about to get some type of photo shop on my computer soon and I am ecstatic! So last night Claire wanted to take some pictures in my pink for coat and Jimmy Choos(since I had no car)… so here is what we came up with… I am a beginner so cut me some slack haha

This one is of course my fav : )

claire said she liked this one the best

and she liked how crazy her hair is in this one haha

sassy pants classic claire : )i think i may print this one off for her room : ) Check back this afternoon/tonight for Workout Wednesday!


27 thoughts on “I LOVE Taking Pictures!

  1. Amanda @ Bits & Pieces

    I love the black and white one, with kind of her head to the far right side- that's beautiful!

    I just put a post on my blog about cameras and requesting info, since I'm in the market for a new one (soon, I think). Would love to hear your comments about them…

  2. Dollface

    these are amazing… i love that u are going to start taking a deeper interest in photos, yay!! and black and white are sooo cute, xxooo

  3. Dollface

    these are amazing… i love that u are going to start taking a deeper interest in photos, yay!! and black and white are sooo cute, xxooo

  4. quite contrary

    ooh I cannot wait to see what is to come with the photography classes…you already have such a talent! I am jealous…I too love taking pictures and would love to be able to take classes and do it as a profession…especially weddings, but don't tell anybody! hehe

  5. Mrs. Potts

    What great pictures! You have a good eye for catching a pose.
    I'm glad you're ok from your accident – I hate that you had one though!

  6. Megan

    6th one down is FABULOUS. I would blow that one up for sure.

    (you really don't have to spend the money on classes unless you realllly want to. Keep experimenting just like you're doing. Not that i'm a pro, but everything i've done i've learned on my own. Even with photoshop.) One thing that I think would help a lot is lighting-take photos outside- The best lighting starts 1 hour after sunrise or 1.5 hour before sunset. Overcast days = great light all day.)

    If you have any questions (again, not a super pro here) e-mail me @ megchid@gmail.com 🙂

  7. Brooke Bertalan

    Um, why do you need classes? You're a natural! And to top that off, I think my niece is a natural model. She is so gorgeous! These are really great pics.

  8. Blue Night Designs

    MRS PHOTOGRAPHER-I think we're ready for our close up!

    I have lots of comments! 🙂 Yeah I love this post!
    First, I think the 1 you want to print for her room is the best choice, it's so her & so cute!
    Second, my fave is the same 1 she picked.
    Last, please take 1 of Abs like the 1 where Claire is leaning 1/2 way in the picture, this is ADORABLE!
    Great work MRS PHOTOGRAPHER! 🙂

  9. Kim at Scarlett Boutique

    Are you kidding me!! I knew you had a knack for taking pictures, but seriously?!! Those look professional! I want a copy of them all, Claire is THE most beautiful girl ever! Yes, I can say that, I am her nonna!

  10. GingerSnap

    I love her little feet in those jimmy choos! darling! I think these are a great start 🙂 Plus, you couldn't have asked for a cuter model! 🙂

  11. Jessica

    These pictures of Claire are wonderful. You can practice on me, Denny and Buzz anytime. I want to get some family pictures done this summer. I love the close up of Claire in black and white (the one Rachel has on her blog) and Claire's precious feet in the Jimmy Choo's

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