So this afternoon Claire and I were on our way to Rick’s Bakery to get some yummy goodies. About a mile away, we came to a stop and BAM!… we were rear ended. I immediately looked back to see if Claire was ok, and then grabbed Sadie who had flown into the floor board. My heart was racing. Claire was not scared at all. We were on the main street in fayetteville, College, so I immediately wanted to get off the road so no other accidents occur. So other driver and I pulled over and called the cops. Luckily noone was seriously injured, but my back is pretty sore. My car is pretty hurt too, Bumper, trunk and tire. I can’t even drive it, which makes me pretty irriated haha. So we are having a little sleep over tonight and I hope I feel better tomorrow! Here are some pictures of us…

Hope everyone is having a good night!


32 thoughts on “BAM!

  1. The New Mrs

    Oh no Tara. This is terrible. I am glad that you, Claire, and little Sadie are all okay! I know it's annoying about your car, but at least that can be replaced. You are lucky no one was seriously hurt 🙂 Im sending good thoughts your way.

  2. Jessica

    That's super scary!!! I'm sure Shane and Rachel were paranoid until you had Claire Bear safe and sound. Poor little Sadie, I bet that shook her up. Maybe Sadie needs a doggie car seat. Glad everyone is well and no big damages – except your car, but you'll get a shiny new bumper (HA HA). Get better and if your back hurts to much GO TO THE DOCTOR. Have a great sleep over!!!!

  3. Maggie

    I hope your back feels better soon!! The same thing happened to me last summer in Bville.

    I LOVE that last picture – SOOOO cute!! =)

  4. Watkins Wackiness

    oh my gosh i would have freaked out!! Glad everyone is okay.
    I was in Fayetteville this weekend. Should have gone to Rick's. I will have to remember that one for next time. YUMMY!!
    Also, on another note, you are inspiring me to start running… We will see how it goes!! I already have one hell of a blister!

  5. Marissa

    That is terrible! I really hope you're back feels better soon. Do you need to go to a doctor? At least the sleepover will be fun 🙂

  6. Chloe

    EEEK! How scary! I hate car accidents, argh. I'm glad you guys are okay, but sorry about the car (and your back!). What a bummer. 🙁

  7. My Blonde Reality

    YOu are so composed. I would be all crazy and in a tizy. Keep an eye on your back, tomorrow you may want to get it checked out, just in case. I adore the sweet, sweet pics!

    So glad that you are ok and survive without your car, that is torture! Did you get a rental?

  8. quite contrary

    oh my gosh that is horrible but I am so glad no one was hurt including Sadie! I always wonder what would happen to Peanut if I got in wreck…horrible.
    Cute pics!

  9. Casey

    Oh no!!! Thank goodness no one was hurt. Is Sadie okay??

    Hopefully you'll get the car fixed ASAP without too much insurance trouble!

  10. Lauren

    Oh my goodness! I'm so glad that you guys are ok…I hope you have good luck with the insurance company so you can have your beautiful car back soon!

  11. C

    Eek!! That's awful! I hope you get everything with the insurance companies figured out! It sure can be a pain!

  12. The New Black

    Oh what a bummer! The same thing happened to me a year or so ago and since the frame of my car was damaged the repair would cost more than the car, so I had to dump it and buy another. And my back was jacked up.

    Definitely go have your back checked out so that it doesn't turn into something worse.

  13. Chic Runner

    Bummer that you got in the accident but I'm glad you are okay and Claire and Sadie are too! 🙂 I would be pissed if I couldn't drive my car either, but at least you are okay! 🙂

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