Umm the Sky is Orange…..

So last night Drew and I sat down to eat after I cooked a delicious dinner. Baked Tilapia with Cucumber salsa (I will post the recipe soon)! YUM! We start watching I am a celebrity, get me outta here,(why is this show on for 2 hours?!?), and then I see at the bottom of the screen that we are under a tornado warning. I sit there in shock and this is how our conversation went

Me: Umm Babe that says we are under a tornado warning..
Drew: and?
Me: I think we need to go somewhere
Drew: laughs… where are you going to go?
Me: In the bathroom or something
Drew: Hysterically laughing at me. (even saide was looking at me like I was stupid)

So, pretty panicked, I call my mom and ask her about the weather (because mom’s know everything right) and she didnt know we were even under a tornado warning. So as all this is happening, we end up just being under a severe thunderstorm warning, (I still swear it said Tornado Warning) Good thing I didnt carry down the mattresses! After the storm passed over this is what the sky looked like…..

Pretty creepy huh! There was also a full rainbow that I missed because my camera died.
AND I won that dress i was talking about on ebay! WAHHOOO!

Ps. Thanks for the SUPER sweet comments on the last post! I am excited to do more Workout Wednesdays now! : )


36 thoughts on “Umm the Sky is Orange…..

  1. Arlynn

    That just doesn't seem natural… an orange sky?!? I think you're lucky to be alive : )

    Cngrats on the dress – I love that after I actually buy something, I still feel like I "won" something, even though I actually still have to pay for it, ha!

  2. The New Mrs

    Hey, you were just trying to protect your hubs and baby Sadie. I say you did the right thing 🙂 Better safe than sorry!

    And the dress is cute!

  3. CAMoore

    yes i want you to do a fitness blog/post/whatever! you probably have some great tips! i lost all my baby weight, but its a sad mess now! 🙂 so i need to tone back up!

    clarke and i were out to eat last night in fort smith and of course, in that crazy weather some truck ran off the road and busted a transformer (??) and it was a mess! talk about scary!!!

  4. Dollface

    wow Ive never seen an orange sky like that… so glad you caught a snapshot of it!! xxooo – p.s. love that u watch Im a celeb..

  5. Whitney

    Woah – that sky is CRAZY!
    I'm with you on "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here"…why is it on for 2 hours is ALL I was thinking last night!!!! Oh, and "why am I watching this show" also! Ha!

  6. Kaitlyn Rose

    I'm not sure if you read Katie Lee Joel's recipe colum in Cosmo, but this month's issue has tilapia with a pineapple salsa. Your recipe sounds delish, too!

    That sky is insanely red. Wow! Also, adorable dress. Sundresses… you can never have enough!

  7. Brown Girl

    It was raining cats and dogs here too! I love the dress…I wish I could wear more white dresses but being brown can have it's disadvantages, you can see right through white on me! 😉

  8. Chloe

    Eek! Gorgeous dress!

    I'm from the Land of Tornadoes so I know exactly what to do in case of one (go to the lowest level interior room, preferably a bathroom with no windows, hang out in the shower or bathtub with your hands over your head, etc etc etc). Husband has not a clue. We get, for the most part, really weak tornadoes here in Colorado since we're so close to the mountains so most people just kind of laugh at a Tornado Warning here. But still- it's always good to know!

  9. Amanda

    We missed the rainbow, but JE was trying to get a picture of the crazy orange sky! Yours came out better than his did! Wow! That was wild!!!

  10. Jessica

    You must make that cucumber salsa for KQ next Thursday – that sounds like a refreshing picnic type food. I want you to post that recipe too!!! Love the dress. Who is it by? I didn't see an orange sky at my house last night – crazy!!! I also watch I am a celebrity, get my outta here – wish spheidi was still on it – they were crazy!!!!!

  11. KAC

    I love the dress! That sky is seriously FREAKY! I go to school in southern OH and every time we have tornado warnings or watches ( I don't know the diff!) I seriously. URL upon the fetal position so don't worry!

  12. cMe

    That sky is UNREAL! I moved straight from the land of tornados to the land of hurricanes, yikes!!

    I LOVE the dress (and finiding good deals on ebay!)!!!

  13. ManoloChooLou

    Wow. I can't believe how orange the sky was. I've never seen anything like it. Tornadoes freak me out. Back when I lived in the midwest our neighbor's trampoline came through our basement window during a storm. Glad it wasn't anything severe!

    Love the dress!

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