Workout Wednesday

I think every Wednesday I may do a post about Working out and helpful hints… Would that be silly? You guys tell me and if you want to know any certain things I do tell me that as well. But for now Lets talk music. I am constantly looking for great songs to make the time on Mr. Treadmill go by a little faster. For me, the music has to be upbeat, motivating or just fun to listen too. This is the top ten I listen to on my play list while running (it is pretty random)

1. Top of the World- The pussycat Dolls (The Hills theme song) I have actually made up my own workout dance routine to this haha. It will not be making a blogger video anytime soon

2.Summer of 69 remix- This song really gets you pumped up

3 Rhythm is a dancer- funny i know

4. Radar- B.Speras

5. Jaie Ho- The pussycat dolls

6. Girls Girls Girls- Motely Crue- hey it has the best beat!

7. Disturbia- Rhianna

8. Ring the Alarm- Beyonce

9. Gonna Make you Sweat- C&C music Factory

10. Womanizer- B.Spears

Here are two that I cool down/Warm up to
Home Sweet Home- Carrie Underwood
1,2,3,4- Pit Bull

What do yall listen to while you work out?

I will leave you with a picture of me and my “Mr. Treadmill” and this quote

“A strong outside strengthens the inside.”

It is kinda funny that I did this post and just made Candy Bar Brownies for Drew lol : ) Have a great night! Edit: haha No I didnt cut my hair, its just up in a pony tail : ) You guys would know if I cut my hair off, i would be in tears lol : )


37 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday

  1. cMe

    I would like healthy food tips, too…but not sure if the Candy Bar Brownies fit in with that! I'm pretty good about working out. I've been going at 5:30 spin class all week.

  2. Karah

    Love the idea. I love your blog, you are such a great writer. Any tips on good running shoes?? I don't blog anymore because I just haven't had the time but I still keep up with everyones blogs. I love your Bachelor recaps, makes me laugh everytime.

  3. jlc

    Hahah! I love that last line. I run so that I can eat my chocolate too!!

    And you look ADORABLE by the way!! 🙂

  4. Who Is She?

    AHH YOU are teeny! But toned! I love it!

    How long do you run for and how often?

    I am trying to get back into running but it kills my knees and my shins…(I know, I'm 22 and I'm "old") so I do 10 minutes walking, 10 running when I can but maybe some suggested guidelines?

  5. Mrs. Classic

    How long did it take you to run 15 miles the other day?
    Also have you ever listened to books on tape while you run? Sounds silly but it works great! It really takes you away and before you know it you are done with your time.

  6. alyssa

    GREAT IDEA!!!!! i want to know EVERYTHING!!!! i have never watched my weight or what i ate, always lost my baby weight, thought people were full of it about "metabolism slowing down"…..over the past 6 mo. i have gained 10 lbs!!!!!!! aaahhh!!!!!! NOT cool for swimsuit season!!

    anyways, to the question…do you feel like after all that working out, that you not feel like you deserve to eat whatever you want?? 😉

  7. Lisa

    great idea! I just started myself so it would be good to hear what you do as well. Good music choice, but I have to laugh at "girls girls girls." It reminds me of a strip club! HA! Not that I go there often or anything, lol. Its a good pump you up song for sure.

    Oh btw, your mom made a prayer box for me last week. It should be here any day now. I can't WAIT to see it!! She seems so sweet and she is so talented.


  8. Chrystina

    I think Workout Wednesday is a GREAT idea. I'm sure all of us could use a little inspiration and tips!! 😉

    As for music, well you have a lot of my playlist already up there!! I tedn to go toward the pop, dance, fun fast beats to get me going!! And I also have the cooling off music that is a little bit more relaxed!

    Great music choices!!

  9. Blue Night Designs

    Ah ha I LOVE it! Who is that hottie with the body?! Wowsa, she can be my personal trainer any day! 🙂 Love you, can't wait to have fun this weekend, I'm sure we'll have more plans at some point! Ha

  10. quite contrary

    I have to listen to the newest rap music I can find and like every 3 times I run I have to find new music…I get bored easily! Thanks for the motivation…if only I could show my stomach ; )

  11. C

    I think it's a great idea!! Your post about how you started running was actually one of the main reasons I started. Thanks!

  12. Kari Beth

    gosh! i definitely need the motivation. why don't you keep the skinny pictures coming. . .i think that would be enough motivation for me! i haven't run in 2 weeks! 2 weeks! i'm awful. anyway, i love to listen to hippity hoppity while i'm on the treadmill. . .it seems to be the only thing that really keeps me going.

  13. LyndsAU

    i love workout wednesdays… or anything ot keep me motivated!

    i am with you on good music. it's a must! i love Brit Spears, Flo Rida (ha-i know), Fergie… gotta be really upbeat 🙂

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