A Very Gibby Weekend.

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Mine started off pretty crazy Friday afternoon. My friend Niki and I went to Olive Garden for lunch. About halfway thru our lunch, her husband called and let us know that the tornado sirens were going off. WHAT! So I get on my phone and see that we are indeed under a tornado warning. I call my mom, and she told us that a HUGE storm was headed this way and stay put. So we told our waitress. Everyone in the restaurant had NO idea, it was crazy. So finally people started getting word and we found out a tornado was about 5 miles away. So at this point we were pretty much freaked out. The the storm hit rogers and the winds were nuts. Luckily nothing happened, but here is a pic that was on the news. I seem to be in the worst places during crazy weather.

After the crazy day, that night my sister’s family, my mom, jake, Jess, Sadie and I all went to the Drive in movies. My friend Kristy told me about Up! playing there and I knew the kiddos would love it. So we packed up a picnic and head to the drive it. We had a blast! The movie was SO cute. I brought my “big” camera and took lots of pics! I just love taking pictures of my niece and nephew. I realllllllly want to learn more about photography and take some classes. But for now, here are some amateur pics : )

what a cutie huh

love this one


wonder where claire learned that pose : )

being silly

the girls (can you tell it was a humid day!)

me and jess

sadie was very confused at where we were at haha


me and the little man

sadie and her wet beard haha

me being silly at homeSaturday

Saturday, Drew and I went to Grubs with some of his friends to watch the Baseball Hogs in the College World Series. The Hogs kicked some major booty : ) We had a blast, but I didnt get any pics. I felt like I was the only girl there, so i didnt bust out my camera haha. That night Drew and I went out for dinner and then out with our friends. I got to wear my hot little BCBG number, that I got a GREAT deal on! Here are some pics.

Kristy and I

Kristy is looking so GREAT! She has lost almost 60lbs! She is Gorgeous huh!

Me with a a rose that these random people were giving out from a wedding they were at

Today I think I have watched 15 episodes of America’s Next top Model haha. (not really) and we are going to watch the Lakers hopefully take the trophy home! Hope yall have a wonderful week! XOXO


31 thoughts on “A Very Gibby Weekend.

  1. The New Mrs

    That storm picture is scary! And out of all the places to be during a tornado, OG is not a bad place :)))

    Love all the pics of you, Sadie and the fam. You girls are so cute.

  2. My name is Megan...

    i have done nothing today except watch TV!! glad you survived the weather!! ours has been yuck too! i worked from Ulta for about an hour Friday! haha. super cute pics…you all are so fun!

  3. ...love Maegan

    first of all, you are all adorable!

    secondly, I am not sure I would have handled a tornado scare as well as you all did! I think I'll stick with earthquakes …eek.

  4. Megan

    I heard about that storm!! You seem to be at the craziest places during tornados! 🙂
    Glad you are ok, and looks like you had a great weekend!

  5. Carla

    We had crazy weather here in Dallas Thursday. I think there were 2 tornado's in the area. I hate icky weather.

    Is that your mom in the black dress? She looks JUST like you. She could be your sister! haha!


  6. Jessica

    Your girlfriend has lost 60 lbs?!? She's just absolutely gorgeous! Tell her some random blogger thinks she's super inspiring!

  7. Chloe

    Lovely lady! We've been having tornadoes here lately, too, which is weird because we never get tornadoes here! Lots of funnel clouds. Freaks me OUT.

    You look great and I can't believe your friend lost 60 lbs. That is to be commended! What a great accomplishment, and she looks awesome! That is so inspiring. 🙂

  8. heisschic

    i agree with quite contrary. that dress looks dangerous, but we need a full shot!

    i dont know how you handle those tornado scares. they terrify me… i mustve seen Twister one too many times.

  9. Blue Night Designs

    That was a crazy storm, my dad saw 3 funnel clouds on Sunset, he ran into Lowe's to hide for a bit. Poor Kristy prob had to take cover @ WM! It looks like you had a fabulous weekend, but the only sad part is I can't believe you & I went an entire weekend apart! Next weekend! Lets lay out. 🙂 Love ya!

  10. LyndsAU

    so glad that storm steered clear of yall! that pic is so scary!!

    cute pics from the drive in 🙂 yall are such a sweet family!

  11. Maggie

    OMG – That weather was CRAZY!! When the manager and waiters started moving people away from the windows at Mimi's, I really started to freak!! And this coming from a gal who normally knows a storm is coming 1 hour in advance, and has already packed up her entire family (including Becky and Natalie) and is already on her way driving in the OPPOSITE direction of the storm. My husband SO loves me. haha

    The drive in sounds like so much fun – we need to do that. Those pics were great!! =)

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