who wears short shorts…..

oh boy…. OH boy was this an episode

We start of will Jill frolicking on the Maui beaches.( I wanna go back there SO bad) She even draws a heart with J + ? inside… awww, oh gag me hahawe start off with kipper getting the first date. Que dolphin squeal.. They head to a rope course, how romantic huh, and they have a series of 4 challenges and the adventurous Jill was scared out of her mind, or at least she played it that way. Kiptyn helped her out thru the whole course and Jill loved the support. Time for dinner! Kip meets Jill at the hotel and she had on some sort of jumpsuit.. c’mon you are in Hawaii wear some sort of colorful dress or something Jill. So they have a romantic dinner and Jill basically wants reassurance that she will get a proposal and also asks Kip what his faults are. Kip says that he cant handle bumps in the road in relationships (red flag!) but Jill seems to ignore it and out comes the fantasy suite card. They head there and we dont see much that goes on, but we all know.. bow chicka wow wow haha….moving on

Next up Reid. He meets Jill and they throw around a beach ball. Seriously? But that doesn’t last long because all Reid wants to do is make out. Then here comes a helicopter. I was wondering where that mr helicopter went! They take a tour of Hawaii via the sky and Reid talks about how he feels like he is in Heaven. Poor guy, he doesn’t even know whats about to hit him. Then the helicopter pilot says that he is an ordained minister and that he could marry them. now that would be a first! They land on a gorgeous lava rock beach and have some snacks and talk about their feelings. Reid is one of the most genuine guys on this show yet, he is realistic about this whole ridiculous process. So they go clean up and meet for an oceanfront dinner. Once again Jill tries to force another guy to say he is going to propose and Reid does his best at dodging it as well. But Jill doesn’t seem to care and invites him into the fantasy suite. So the cameras span across all of their clothes on the floor and then over to the bath tub, nice.. I bet Reid and Jill slept with their clothes on.. kidding.. : )

Next…… Edward. So he meets Jill on a boat. Kiptyn and Reid got jipped! The rose ceremony starts playing as they go for a boat ride, hmmmmm. Then it happened. Ed took of his shorts and there they were….. the most hideous, super short, green shorts, or as Ed calls them, mankinis. ICK! burn those asap! Not only that, but he had on some horrid blue 70’s throw back tank top. What is this guy thinking? Later we found out that he wanted Jill to see his sexy legs, WOW I am starting to wonder about this guy. So Edward then spills the beans about Jill getting to meet his parents, which makes her SO happy. So they head to this quaint Hawaiian cottage and meet the parents and Ed STILL had those shorts on AND they were shorter than Jill’s jean skirt. oh my word! Jill seemed a tad tipsy during this meet and greet, but that’s nothing new. Ed’s sweet pops took Jill outside and teared up on us, but this was also after he asked Ed what the hell was he doing, haha, loved that! Also, may I add this is after they had a chance to talk to Jill, nice huh! Ed and Jill headed to beach to talk and I couldn’t even pay attention to what they were talking about because of those horrible shorts. Next thing I know they are headed to the fantasy suite and cuddling on the couch. I think Ed’s pops was playing the ukulele in the background haha. Then Jill and Ed go lay on the rose petal covered bed (this is usually a tell tell sign every year of who the final one is) Then Jill decides to go change and Ed is getting pretty excited, or so we thought and Jill comes out in some sort of swimsuit cover up with absolutely nothing on underneath. wow, uncalled for. Que the bow chicka wow wow music…she starts to oil up Edward and he does the same and the lights go out. We get a nice shot of the ocean and then back to the room.. the lights are back on.. duh duh dunnnn. We go back to the room and see Jill still on top of Ed but he seems to be “out of order”, literally. We then find out that Ed just couldn’t perform and Jill is pretty upset about it. I feel sorry for this guy, but seriously what guy in their right mind would let someone film him saying he couldn’t get turned on…. something is missing here.

Then Jill goes for a pow wow with our friend Chris. I missed that guy! Jill talks about how she is falling in love with maybe 2 of the guys and they rehash the issues in the bedroom. Chris leaves Jill with three personal messages from the guys. Kiptyn tells Jill he is ready to set the world on fire with her, Reid says that he is excited about the future, and Ed says he loves her.. yep the L word. Which leaves Jill pretty stunned. So we head to the rose ceremony, Kiptyn shows up first looking sharp, Reid next looking pretty darn hot and then Ed…. Ed Ed Ed.. do you put your clothes on in the dark? I think it was a mint green button up, a blue seersucker suit coat and white pants. FAIL Edward. Jill shows up and tells all the guys that she is falling in love with all of them and how she didn’t think she would be feeling this torn, but hey she is in love? Yeah I am sure that made those dudes feel better. BUT WAIT, she needs to talk to Ed first. Ed tries to reassure that his bedroom problems were from the pressure and seems to convince Jill. Hey if all else fails Jill you can borrow his clothes! So Kipper gets the first rose, then Ed gets the second. Reid and Jill have a pretty sincere heart to heart and basically blames himself for not getting the rose. Reid you are WAY better off! Ed then comforts Jill while Kip is left standing back at the ceremony site haha, I wonder what was going thru his mind.

Next week is the Men tell All and then the finale! So we are meant to think that something crazy happens in the finale.. I will believe it when I see it. There are rumors that Ed has some girlfriend, That Reid comes back…. maybe the confession is that Ed doesnt like girls… hey ya never know! hahaha : )

So Jimmy Choo Readers, did you find Ed’s legs sexy in those itsy bitsy teeny weeny green shorts? haha. Do you think Wes will perform next week, please no! How long will the foot fetish montage be at the Men Tell All? I wonder why they dont meet her parents? AND who do you think Wins this thing? until next week!


21 thoughts on “who wears short shorts…..

  1. LyndsAU

    Ok, girl, this week was a doozie huh! I mean WOW! Great recap!
    I think they totally set up the "bedroom debacle"! I don't think he couldn't perform. I think they were both tired and seriously the whole thing was staged. They never show that much intimate time on overnights! Ugh Mike Fleiss SUCKS!
    To answer your questions 🙂
    I do think Ed's legs were sexy but that mankini was NOT!
    I am DYING to know why the don't meet her parents!!
    And I think Ed takes the crown!!
    can't wait for next week and of course the NEXT!

  2. MrsSouthernBelle

    OH MY GOSH…. THE GREEN SHORTS… Ed WAS my favorite… but I cant respect him for wearing those anymore. I think the bedroom situation was staged, and I think her shirt was pretty skanky for TV. I see her most with kiptyn, but we will have to wait 2 whole weeks to find out.

    I was also wondering about her parents… very mysterious!

  3. Domestic Goddess

    I'm a new follower….love your blog!

    Ok..did you think last night was a little "racy' for TV? I was kind of embarrased and I'm married and don't really consider myself a prude!!!! Ha!

    Ed seems kind of cheese-bally to me, I really like Kiptyn, I think he's more genuine. I really hope she doesn't pick Ed!

  4. Whitney

    I just started watching this show last night… LOL! I like Ed but something seems a little fishy… he never looks at her when he talks, and the whole bedroom thing! HM!

  5. the future mrs Hinz

    thanks for the recap. i actually watchned bits and pieces of this last night. i saw the "outfit" that jill slipped into with NOTHING on underneath. hello this is ABC not the playboy channel!

  6. Sweet Simplicity

    I liked Reid! So sad to see him go. Although I liked all three so either way it was going to be a toughie. Um, Ed's shorts were hilarious but it wouldn't be funny if my hubs tried to wear them. Then I would be embarassed. I am pulling for Kiptyn.

  7. THE Stephanie

    OMG I was totally gagging with Ed's shorts!! And although I liked Reid, I think I would have had to let him go too, b/c I could handle a guy who couldn't tell me how he felt. KWIM?? That would really get on my nerves…

  8. MyRunningJourney

    Ed's shorts were SO nasty, as was his rose ceremony outfit. And his gross tank tops with the short, curly chest hair popping out the top? Ew!

    I was so entertained last night!! And so curious about the drama in the finale! And the previews made it look like Wes is not going to be at "The Men Tell All".. hmm.

  9. Maggie

    This episode was nuts, wasn't it?! I agree, Reid is better off.

    Ed was sporting that blue shirt and green swim trucks and I was like WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WEARING?! haha

    I was very confused by the finale trailers (or whatever you call them, lol) What in the world?! Do you really think Ed has a girlfriend??? I thought all those pics you found of them now were of her and Ed? Could it be Reid? I just didn't see the explosive connection between her and Reid. If Ed does something else to her, there's no way it's gonna work. He's already broken her trust once!! Poor Kiptyn… all caught up in this drama – maybe he'll be the next Bachelor!! haha

    Ugh, I can't even believe I'm going to have to sit through another episode on Wes. haha PUH-LEASE, WES, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T SING!!! You know those men will all be PISSED OFF when they hear what he had to say in that limo!! That part will be interesting, since they all seemed to genuinely care for Jill.

  10. Yesterday's Tuna

    Ed has been my favorite from the start but he is getting creepy. That being said, I don't know that I like the Kipper for Jill either. Either way, I don't see Jill actually going through with a wedding after the finale with either one of these dudes.

    Team Chris Harrison! Too bad he is married 🙁

  11. Heather

    Haha, I wouldn't be surprised if Ed doesn't like girls… I mean those shorts plus "not being able to perform" in the fantasy suite…. Come on!!!

    Can't wait for next week!!!

  12. Rachel

    Hilarious recap!! This show has lost it's mind!! Remember the Trista show,I don't think she would have ever done some of these things!!!!

    The shorts were WRONG!!!!!!!!

  13. tootie

    Great recap! Frankly, I was scared of Ed's short shorts. But even still, I'm rooting for him – he seems the most genuine.

  14. Miss HoneyDew

    As always, I love your commentary! I was a little sad to see Reid leave, but b/c I love him! I think he's WAY better off, he was way to good for her. Kiptyn is my fave now but again, not for her. She deserves mankini Ed. My Future Mr came in during that part and was like "WTF is that dude wearing?"- my thoughts exactly babe. Then his suit, oh my heavens…I have no words. I CANNOT wait for the men tell all episode! I just know she's going to pick Ed, lack of…ahem…arousal and all…

  15. Kristin Davidson

    Those shorts-just not ok. Not at all, I can't believe they let him wear them on tv, girls everywhere were gasping, & not in a good way.
    I still miss Jake, if I were Jullian I'd pick him!

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