Birthday Recap and Giveaway Winner!!!

Hey guys! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes! You guys are so sweet! : )

Yesterday was a great day! I went to lunch with my dad , sister, bree owen and Shane. Owen was hilarious, we didnt get any dessert at the end of the meal and he was NOT ok with that! haha he kept on asking where Tara’s birthday was : ) He is so sweet!

I came home from work and Drew had some gorgeous flowers, red velvet cupcakes, and a super sweet card waiting on me. Then that night he took me on a progressive dinner of all my favorite foods! How cool is that?!? First stop was outback for my FAVORITE, coconut shrimp. I mean I am obsessed with those guys haha. So we had that and a few beers and headed to our next stop, Pesto. We shared some yummy chicken marsala and wine. It was soo good. Then the last stop we went to Theos for my favorite, creme brulee and a martini. It was so much fun hopping around and enjoying great foods! I am very blessed to have Drew and I think we have started a new tradition : ) I took a few pics along our little dinner tour.

Now for the giveaway winner! : ) drum roll please

Melissa from Sweet Melissa!
She said her favorite colors are pink and shades of blue!
I will be emailing you today lady! AND I think I already have an idea of what I am getting you : )
Again thank you guys for the birthday wishes. I am SOO excited to celebrate this weekend with my friends. I got in a big box of headbands last night! haha, Drew thinks im crazy : )
OHHHH and I cant forget about this… Guess who got her very FIRST pair of Louboutins….THIS GIRL : ) I will be wearing them on Saturday so be looking for something VERY sparkly and gold on my feet. : )


17 thoughts on “Birthday Recap and Giveaway Winner!!!

  1. ty

    I LOVE Pesto!! And I need to have a sighting for you and your sparkly Loubs on Saturday. Alas, no Loubs for me, as I'll be on Dickson for a (ready for this?) .. Moustache party.

  2. Melissa

    I'm excited about winning your fun giveaway!!

    I really think I'm gonna have to do the progressive dinner for my birthday in December! It sounds so fun!

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