My Gossip Girl Birthday Party!!

FABulous is the only word that is worthy enough of how great my birthday celebration was!!!

So awhile back I decided to go with a gossip girl themed party. One, I love Blair and Serena. Two, I love all the clothes. And Three, I knew I could make it super girly and fun! So first things first. For those of you that have watched gossip girl you know that gossip girl sends out “blasts” about people when they are caught doing something they shouldn’t be. SO I made a gossip girl blog and I sent out blasts daily about the people who were coming to my bday. It was HILarious! Of course everything was made up and fake, but everyone got a kick out of it. You can check it out here. Then to the decor. I immediately ordered headbands for party favors in creme, pink and black, I found these adorable high heels to use as name card holders, I made the arrangements myself, I added the bows to the candle holders and the crystals to the chandelier, I added the beads to the candles and I painted and jazzed up the XOXO letters for the tables. Bordinos made the menus for me and they even had a signature drink called “the Upper East Side” for me. Perfection! They were SO adorable and perfect. I also had thank you cards for everyone and in true gg form they each had a blast on them about someone at the party and we all read the out load after we had a Dom champagne toast(blair’s favorite) : )…. they were pretty ridiculous but funny : ) I designed a shoe cupcake with the local bakery that looked like a louboutin : ) perfect right?! Outside there was a balcony and I had two gossip girl stations, one had a quiz to find out what character you are on the show and the other was a gossip girl scent and headband station where I had mini bottles of chanel perfume and fun headbands. And you guys know me, I am a shopper and when it comes to my bday I got crazy. I ordered a dress about 3 months ago for the party that was like a dress serena wore on gossip girl. THEN I found this DARLING dress that was SO blair and had to have it AND then I got my new shoes and it matched perfectly. SO I decided why not wear both. I mean I know thats a tad silly, well REALLY silly, but hey I dont care haha.

I am so lucky to have such great family and friends. I cherish my friendships so much. I seriously dont know what I would do without them. Everyone had such a great time as did I. Now lets get to the pictures!!!!

Seriously, SO much fun! Today has been a VERY lazy day haha.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! XOXO


19 thoughts on “My Gossip Girl Birthday Party!!

  1. Watkins Wackiness

    The party looks totally FAB!!! And hey, why not rock two HOT dresses… its your bday!! I totally know Bonnie… We are from the same hometown (well close enough)… Tell her Amber Billingsley (Luke's sister) said Hello!! Glad you had a wonderful bday!!! and CHEERS to getting another year older and just that much more fabulous!!!

  2. Dollface

    The party looks fab – which I knew it would:) Your dress is amaze and are those Loubys on your feet? Gorg. Completely!! Hope you had so much fun!! xxooo

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