Chitter Chatter!

Thank you guys for the sweet comments on my birthday party! I had sooo much fun putting that together! Thank you!!!

So this weekend is kickoff to college football. WHO IS EXCITED?!?!? ME!!! I just LOVE football season. The weather, the atmosphere, the excitement in the air! LOVE IT! I got some hog goodies from my friends for my birthday too! So excited and ready for a fun weekend!
Miss Sadie was entered into a Cute dog contest on a blog and she won!! I LOVE the picture that FifiFlowers drew of my sweet girl! Isnt she talented?!? Sadie will be part of a Fifi Flowers frameable notecard collection that will help sponsor service and guide dogs in association with Beach Bum Biscuits of Tybee Island… how awesome is that!!!! Sadie is famous : )

I got one LAST present for my bday the other day, I just couldn’t pass up this beauty.. i mean GORGEOUS!

I watched the RHONJ reunion last night and W O W. I mean those womEn are all crazy. I know there is SO much the viewers don’t know like how Danielle supposedly called Dina’s ex husband and said she was abusive to their daughter. I mean CRAZY ladies for sure. I think they all should be ashamed for the way they acted because they all have kids and that behavior is just wrong. Caroline to me is the only one that handles herself with dignity. BUT I cant wait to see part 2! Hope Andy Cohen doesn’t try to restrain Teresa anymore, he may tossed behind the chair next time! What are yalls thoughts?!?

Well thats all today! hope everyone is having a great day so far! XOXO


11 thoughts on “Chitter Chatter!

  1. Jennifer

    That dress is super fab, very Carrie Bradshaw.

    RHTeresa seems like she needs help more than any of them with the way she flies off the handle. I hate that they use the "I'm an Italian girl!" excuse.

    I kind of like that Andy was the bouncer. When he was like "Danielle, just get out there" that was awesome.

  2. Product Junkie

    Love the dress and I couldnt agree more about Jersey Housewives…Im actually glad the season is over and Im loving the DC Housewives. Are you watching Bachelor Pad? It is a trainwreck that is fabulous!!

  3. LULU

    I'm from Jersey and they are crazy!! I live 2 towns away from that mtv show too yuck!!! Love the Dress what brand? Your doggy is so adorable!!

  4. Lo

    That is an awesome dress!! I agree on the RHONJ reunion. Danielle is super crazy. I hope she leaves and we can get Dina back on the show. That would be cool.

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