Mrs. Gibby Shops… Christmas Gifts! Part 1

With my huge family, I know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift! This year  I have been trying really hard to find great unique things! I have came across of great ideas, and thought of a few myself, so I thought I would share once a week of what I find!

 Co-worker gift

1- Scrabble name plate –
I was at a Holiday boutique show and came across a big basket of vintage scrabble pieces and holders. I thought it would be adorable to have my last name at my desk! You can basically put any word(s) up to 9 letters. It is a very inexpensive, thoughtful gift. You can even get crafty and paint the scrabble holder.  I found an etsy site that sales the holders and 9 tiles here  You can see mine below : )

Camera Lovers

1. Camera Strap-
Cameras are VERY popular Christmas gifts. So of course you need the accessories to go with them. I posted these straps at the beginning of the year. I think they are just adorable.

2. Canvas Wrap Giftcards-
This is a great idea for someone with kids. Ty from the Extreme Home Makeover, uses on his show. Nothing better than seeing your fabulous new pictures on a fancy canvas! Get here
3. Camera Lessons
A new “big” camera can be QUITE overwhelming. If you know of a friend or relative that just purchases a camera, they would definitely appreciate some camera lessons. A lot of local photographers have camera classes. I know Dale Benfield has I believe 2 or 3 a year in Fayetteville.
Best Friends 
1. Best Friend Necklace-
Let me tell you, a best friend can be the easiest or hardest to buy for. You know them inside out, and you want to get them something great! First off, how about an oldschool best friend necklace, but VINTAGE.



Find the necklaces  here, here and here 

2. HUGE Wine Glass-
Have a friend that loves to drink wine? Well how about a glass that holds exactly ONE BOTTLE OF WINE! Yes it really does too haha Find that here

3. Wine Dog Coffee Table Book-
Speaking of wine, if you have a friend that is a wine lover and a dog lover, purchase a Wine Dogs coffee table book! I got one in Napa and love flipping thru it. So many cute dogs and fun stories about them. Almost every vineyard sells them but you can search for a specific vineyard online.  Find one version here
the absolute HARDEST people to buy for. hands down. Grandpas, Uncles, Boyfriends, Husbands, etc. Here are a few ideas I have come across
1. Techno Winter Gloves-
 these gloves make it easier to use your iphone/blackberry all while keeping your hands warm! Especially when there is fantasy football to check on : )  Find here

2. Personalized Top Chef KnifeCase/Apron –
Have a  Man that likes to cook? If so you are a lucky girl : ) All men like to have Sharpe knives and most men who cook are very tidy, so how about a soft knife case. AND if you really want to personalize it up, Get “Top Chef and his name” monogrammed on it…. monogramming isnt only for girls haha! You can also do the same on an apron. Find here
(ps checkout this website where the case i found is at, its called metro kitchen)

3. Leather monogrammed IPAD Case
I am thinking about getting this for my dad. Ipads are not cheap, and what better way to protect them then this great case! Find Here.

1. Homemade Chalkboard-
Grandparents LOVE thoughtful gifts. Have you ever heard of chalk board paint? Well grab a small can of that, a medium size canvas, and an ornate frame and make your own chalk board for them to hang on the wall! You can get an eraser and add fur or some fun fabric to it as well. If you have a hobby lobby or a store similar to that, you can find frames half off all the time. and dont worry, if you cant find the right color, spray paint goes a long way : )

2. Fun Scarves-
These could be for about any woman in the family. I found these scarves last Christmas and fell in love with the chandelier one. There are lots of different designs to pick from and the scarves are from American apparel. Find here

Thats all i have for you today : ) Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

PS. If you have a specific person you are looking for a gift, leave a comment and I will search for the perfect gift for ya : )


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    Thanks for the amazing ideas! It seems everyone is on the same man wavelength with these technological gloves, wooo 🙂 Love the leather ipad case too, xxxoo

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