Thanksgiving 2010

Hey guys! I hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I CANT believe Christmas is just around the corner. We had a very blessed weekend.
Wednesday we were supposed to go get our family pics taken, but the weather was just yucky, so we rescheduled them for later. That night we had a our traditional pre thanksgiving dinner at my sisters. She makes these DELICIOUS thanksgiving turkey sandwhiches. Smoked turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, stuffing mayo, cheese, on ciabatta bread. SO good! Rachel had some cute shirts on the kiddos. Each one was personalized with what they are thankful for, SO SO cute!   We had tons of fun.

Thursday was Thanksgiving festivities! We all got dressed up and headed over to my aunt and uncles for some delicous food! Rachels kiddos looks ADorable! I just loved their outfits! I just love thanksgiving. I know I have SO much to be thankful for.

After Drew and I went to his nonnies for Thanksgiving dinner, we headed back to my moms for our traditional “put up the family tree” night. : ) we made some yummy apple cider and had lots of fun putting up the tree.

Friday night we went to a wedding of a girl my sisters and I grew up with. It is my moms lifelong friend’s daughter. After the wedding we headed out to noodles for some Delicious food!

Saturday we watched the hogs KICK SOME BOOTY!  We are crossing our fingers that they get to go to the sugar bowl! We rightfully so deserve it and I really hope it works out! : )
I went shopping with my grandma too this weekend and will do a post of all the finds! I did lots of Christmas Shopping too! SO much fun! I get so excited trying to find the perfect Christmas gift! : )
Again, hope you guys had a great long weekend and have a great week!! XOXO


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