NKOTB, Sneak Peak and Another Tree!

So I watched the AMA’s and smiled pretty big when NKOTBSB performed. I was never a HUGE fan of BSB, more of an NSYNC girl, but NKOTB… yeah I was obsessed! We have lots videos of my sisters and I dancing to their songs (those will stay in the vault haha)
Who was your favorite NKOTB? Mine was  Jordan Knight : )

We got a sneak peak of our pictures! YAY! Here it is : )

Sadie.. such the poser : )
Anotehr Christmas Tree : )

I am thinking about adding some boa fur or mesh. Havent decided : )
Miss Sadie is ready to call our hogs this coming saturday! Can you believe College football is almost over?!?! Im kinda sad : ( But sadie looks cute

Happy Tuesday!


10 thoughts on “NKOTB, Sneak Peak and Another Tree!

  1. USCEmily

    NKOTB was the first concert I ever attended! Ha. And Jordan was my favorite, too. Everybody else seemed to like Joey, but I was loyal to Jordan!

  2. Sarah

    Oooooooo I really like this tree.. I can't wait to see the rest.. maybe once your house is all decorated you could give us a video tour

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