I Gotta Have THAT!

“When I see something I like, I gotta have it… I love it” – The Notebook

Now I wish this was a post about Ryan Gosling saying that to Muah! haha (kidding hubby gibby; )) But no this isnt about that hunk of burning love gorgeous specimen.:)  This is about my obsession when I see a dress that I GOTTA HAVE! Yep I obsess over it, yes I search until I find it, do a little happy dance when I do find it and I wait  attack the UPS man as he is coming up to my door patiently for it to arrive.

Well this dress is one I coveted

Behold the Judith March gorgeousness. I have posted this dress a few days ago and lots of lovely girls shared my admiration : )

Well mine finnnnnnnally arrived yesterday and I am in L O V E! : )

This dress, like all of the Judith March dresses, is constructed so well and the seersucker fabric is divine. AND of course, who can resist that BOW! The perfect Southern Belle dress.
Now to the important stuff.. Where can you get this dress?
I got my green one here at red dress boutique.
The red is here also at red dress boutique
Navy here at Geanology
Orange here at Shop Mcauleys
I will be strutting around in this cuteness at the beach in a few short weeks! : )
Hope everyone is having a great wednesday! We have a fun girls night planned : )


10 thoughts on “I Gotta Have THAT!

  1. Lauren

    SO cute! i'm a sucker for seersucker (haha!).

    her other dresses are adorable, as well. i have a wedding on the 6th and i still can't find anything. i'm tempted to order something, but i've already ordered one flop so i'm not sure if i want to go through the whole order & send back thing if it comes to it. but damn, some of these are SOOO cute!

  2. Hilary

    I LOVE Judith March! I have one of her dresses that I wore for Homecoming Gameday last football season! They're AWESOME dresses!! And I love the seersucker!

  3. LBP

    Shop Mcauley's is very close to my house! Going to pick up my red one on Monday when it comes in!!! Thanks so much for posting it in your Gameday Dress post! You look fab in yours!!!

  4. dran

    I'm jealous of your shopping budget! Your husband must be extra laid back about your shopping – mine would freak! 😉

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