Friday Randoms

Well happy friday to all you pretty people! This week has went by so fast and I am ready for the weekend!

Wednesday night we had a girls night dinner at Linleys.  I cooked up some delicious spinach pasta with an asarapgus, sun dried tomato, mushroom alfredo sauce. It was delicious. Everyone brought sides and desserts and it was a blast!

I saw this picture on pinterest of Olivia Palermo and jus fell in love with her outfit. She is a fashion girl crush of mine. Always looks absolutely perfect that girl. So here is my take on her look : ) a look for less!

Saturday I am putting together an indoor picnic theme bday party for my friend Boni’s little girl Catherine. I have been running around like crazy getting all sorts of cute things! I cant wait to put it together and show yall pics. : ) I started making the picnic baskets for each of the tiny guests last night.
Well Hope everyone has a great weekend! XOXO


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