Catherine’s Indoor Picnic Party!

Hey hey! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I had a busy/lazy one haha. Yes that doesn’t make sense, but thats the best way to explain it : )

Friday night I had to work late and then headed home and finished up some last minute party planning for the party saturday…. baking cookies, making a lemonade stand etc. Fun stuff

Saturday I got up early and headed over to Boni’s to start decorating.  I just LOVED this theme. Its hard to think of a theme for a younger child and even harder when its 100+ degrees outside! So the idea of an indoor picnic came to mind and I ran with it. I wanted the picnic to look like a lounge area. My mom makes pillows for every season, so it was a easy choice to use her summer ones. The colors screamed loungy summer. I then got some umbrellas and of course picnic baskets. I made picnic baskets for each child and used Catherine’s favorite foods, pb&j, cheetos, dunkaroos,and rootbeer. I then blew up blue and white balloons and put them above the picnic area to resemble the sky. It turned out soooo cute! Then it was time to decorate the cookie/lemonade table. I saw a CUTE picture online of a lemonade stand so I made a smaller version for this table. It was so easy to put together and so adorable.  I baked cookies on a stick and them placed them on top of chocolate and sprinkle rimmed glasses of milk. I also had three baskets of goodies on the table. I found adorable picket fence pieces, picnic chairs and a tiny puppy(Catherine LOVES puppys) and used them for decoration as well. The colors were just so so perfect. I loved how it turned out. After the kiddos ate their lunches, I had flower pin making kits for each kid to make. They loved putting them together. The party was so much fun and Catherine was smiling the entire time. Here are TONS of pics : )

That night we went to a friends pool and then out to dinner for a friends bday! the only pic I got was my ootn ! i know crazy haha
top is from forever 21
Today Drew and I had an amazing brunch at Greenhouse grill and then hung out with our sweet Sadie Jane.

Then my mom, sister and the girls came down to fay for some shopping for the beach!

pretty jewels i picked up!

Claire cracked me up today. When were shopping she said “Tara, you are not dressed in your typical style, a plian tank top? shorts? you always have a dress or a jumper on… you must be an imposter.” haha love that child.

Have a great week!! XOXO


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