Fall Family Fun!

hey hey pretties! hope everyone had a great weekend!  We had a family filled one!

Friday night my niece, nephew and step brother stayed the night with us. We ate yummy mexican food and watched racing stripes, cute movie by the way! I could spend every friday night with these kiddos!

Saturday was hog gameday! I serioulsy just LOVE this time of year. Drew and I went to my sisters tailgate and had tons of fun. We ate yummy food, and laughed the day away. Then everyone came to my house to watch the hogs kick some BOOOOTY : ) Such a great day!

Today we got up and went to church and had a fabulous lunch at tusk and trotter. Afterwards we headed to the cave springs to the hog corn maze/pumpkin patch. It was such a neat place. A little petting zoo, a pumpkin picking ride, of course the corn maze and  a corn rocket! We had lots of fun and I got some cute pics of the kiddos.

Such a great weekend! Have a great week guys XOXO


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