A “Glamping” Birthday and More!

hey hey guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend! we had a pretty great one!
First up, my hubby got back from his new job training on friday! he was gone for TWO WEEKS! Talk about a LONG time. Sadie and I were SO glad to have him back! Friday night we pickd him up and had an easy night in.
Saturday we got up semi early and went and looked at that possibly may be OUR house! SO excited about about it! More to come on that! Afterwards we watched the hogs take home another W. Then I set up Miss Claire Bear’s “Glamping” Birthday party. My sister saw the theme online and then I ran with it. I was SO sick this past week and honestly did a lot of this last minute and on cold meds lol. Nothing like some sudafed triggered ideas right? lol. kidding kidding. I think the party turned out absolutely adorable. I had a lot of fun putting it together. Rachel thought of the pink, chocolate brown and navy color scheme. I immediately wanted to do a play off of Girl Scouts, so Glam Scouts it was. The girls earned badges to put on their “purses”, they took home glam scout cookies that I made boxes for, they decorated jewelery boxes and picture frames, each girl went home with a smores best friend necklaces and lastly, they had glam scout trail mix.  We also had a tree decorated with Claires Camping Essentions- hand sanitizer that was cupcake scent, orbitz gum for those dirty mouths, bug spray, bc bug bites are SO not chic, marshmellow ornaments and of coures a first aid kit!  I made the tree centerpiece which had all of the BFF necklaces hanging off of it. Also, we had a hot chocolate bar where Rachel got each of the girls reausable cups for the delicious treat. Rachel also made chocolate kiss filled, roasted marshmellow topped cupcakes… tell me your mouth is watering! haha so good! The girls got manis and then danced the night away.Such a fun night! I just love Claire to the moon and back!

labels from erin condren

this sign had ors on it but i hot glued hair brushes over them

the “picks” at the top I made out of sticks and chocolate covered marshmellows

the girls made glitter ornaments

Today Drew and I just took it easy. I got a FABBBBBBulous chair for when we move, I just cant wait to decorate! AHH! : ) Then we went to dinner with my dad for pre thanksgiving.

oh and of course I must say…. RAZORBACKS ARE #3  Yall may not know, but i was a  tomboy growing up! Yes i love me some dresses and glitter but I LOOOOOOOOOOVE me some football and I am pretty darn passionate about it. I am SO ready for the game this friday. Big things could be happening in razorback country. We did have some devestating news today about a very young red shirt freshman, Garrett Uekman. He was found past away in his room last night. Please keep his family, his friends and temmates in your prayers.

Have a great and blessed thanksgiving week! Love you all! XOXO


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