New House and Thanksgiving FUN!

Well hello guys! Sorry I was MIA all last week. Drew and I were busying…..BUYING OUR FIRST HOME!!!!!!

I cant even tell you how excited we are. While Drew was out of town for training, I was busying looking at lots and lots of homes. Before he left he looked at a few online with me and we both had a favorite. Well that favorite ended up being THE house.  We put an offer in on monday and then it was accepted on wednesday. We will be moving in at the end of next month(pending inspection!). I have already been picking up all sorts of fabulous things to decorate with. Yay! So what else has been going on….

We had a fantastic thanksgiving weekend as well. My sister always does a pre thankgsiving dinner with these delicious sandwiches. Probably one of my most favorite things ever!

Thanksgiving day we went to my uncles house for a delicious lunch then over to Drew’s nonnies for dinner. SO much food but it was SO good.

Drew and I are SO blessed and we are so thankful for what the lord has blessed us with. Come back tmrw for my little sisters engagement party! It turned out perrrrrrrfect!



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