My lil Sisters Engagment Party!

hey pretties! So this past saturday was my little sisters enagagement party! We were so excited to plan such a fun occasion. My dad and Aarons mother picked the location with nicole and we did the decor.  I saw a green and black party on pinterest and my mom and I ran with it. We wanted to play off Aaron “popping” the question so we made a popcorn bar for the guests. We had all sorts of yummy popcorn and bagged kernals with “add burning love” on them for the guests to take home. It was a huge hit!  My mom made all the centerpieces for the tables. We went to hobby lobby and picked out three different types for her to add the flowers and jewels to. She is SO talented and they turned our perfect! We also had sign sealed and delivered do the big arrangement in the center of the room. My mom also made all the runners on the tables. On the cocktail tables I made pictures of “power couples” (barbie & ken, minnie & mickey, posh and david, tom and katie, and rhett and scarlett). I paired a similar picture to the side of them of nicole and Aaron. They turned out adorable. We had a cupcake tower and a cute little cake for Aaron and Nicole to take home to enjoy. Mermaids did an excellent job on the food and we had an absolutely fantastic time. At the end of the night my mom had an “&” sign for all the couples to take a picture with. We are making nicole and Aaron a guest book with these pictures. SO many more parties to come and we CANT wait!  Love you Nicole and Aaron!

Have a great day! XOXO


13 thoughts on “My lil Sisters Engagment Party!

  1. lilmoomoo

    This is so adorable!
    You and your mom are both so talented!

    We also did an & sign for our wedding photos, that I spray painted and glittered blue.
    The pictures turned out STUNNING!!


  2. lilmoomoo

    oh, and @ JESSICA- we got our "&" sign at hobby lobby!
    It only comes in the gold, but like I said you can spray paint/paint/mod podge/ glitter it whatever you need!! πŸ™‚


  3. Sarah O

    What a great party! Love the & sign picture idea. Are you going to post where everyone got their super cute dresses because I want all of them? πŸ˜‰

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