Christmas Parties GALORE!

Hey guys! What a fabulous past couple of days we have had. Christmas Parites galore!!
Thursday night was my work Christmas party! They pulled out all the stops! We had such a fabulous time with great food, an awesome atmosphere and even better company! I searched and searched for a belt for my dress and i could not find a thing i loved so I made one! I took a bracelet I had and took off the claps and VIOLA! it worked out perfect!

Saturday was a BUUUUUUUSY day. The first thing on the list was our family pics! We got a preview of them tonight and I just LOVE them, check back tmrw for those! I got to wear my gorgeous green dress from Riffraff and Sadie got to wear her FANCY dress! so much fun!

Then it was off to stop by the rogers parade to see my neice Claire! Shane has an office very close to the square, so we avoided the drizzle and cold winds.

Next up was Kristys wedding dress shopping! She found THE dress and OHMYWORD is she going to be stunning! seriously, prettiest bride ever! We picked out our wedding party dresses too. I cant wait till april!!!
THEN it was time to put the last minute touches on the Christmas Party! Every year I do a Christmas Vixens party with my friends. This year we wanted to include the boys so we did Christmas Vixens and Blitzens.  I stayed up till midnight baking up a storm with my mom and sister. We did a dessert table that was reindeer theamed. Each reindeer had their own dessert! : ) I saw on pinterest a couple weeks ago mini doughnuts made from cheerios, so I made Dasher’s donut shot! It turned out precious. Then we made Prancer Pretzels, Cupid Cupcakes, Vixen Icing Bites, Dancer Poles(haha), Blitzen Shots and Truffles, Comet Haystacks, and Donner Doozies. It turned our gorgeous and was delicious!  We hired Jayme  to cater the event and let me tell you.. her food is amazing! I cant even tell you how awesome it was to have her do the food and not be standing in front of a stove for hours before the party! She made so many delicious things and the guests RAVED about her food. THANK YOU JAYME! For the gift exchange we did Cocktail rings and the boys brought liquor. The party went just perfect and everyone looked absolutely GORGEOUS! I jsut love this time of year!

Such a FABulous weekend. I may have been nonstop busy, but I enjoyed every single second. Three parties planned, three weeks in a row… what am i going to do with myself this weekend?!? haha

On another note. I am chair of the Northwest Arkansas Fashion week- Kids Fashion day. I am SO excited to be apart of such a great event. I will be extra busy, but its going to be a blast!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! XOXO


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