New Years Eve 2011

I hope everyone had a very safe and fabulous new years eve! We had an absolute awesome nye. I got two hotel rooms for us to pre party and after party in. I surprised the little kids and decorated one of the rooms just for them! I also got them matching pj bottoms to wear. They just LOVED it. Then the other room was for the adults. My mom put together a gorgeous arrangement, seriously in like 20 min. Then us girls got matching new years pjs to wear later in the evening. We all met up before hand and hung out then headed to dinner for some yummy food. Then we headed back and put on comfy pjs and had such a great time! Yes, I do love going out and having a crazy fun time, but this was just SO nice to stay in with my family and friends. The kids will always remember times like these and I just love that! here are a GAZILLION pics… you have been warned! : )

I hope each and everyone of you are blessed beyond measure in 2012. I cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for my family.



11 thoughts on “New Years Eve 2011

  1. Erica

    Happy New Years! I can't believe your mom put that gorgeous centerpiece together in 20 minutes…it would take me like 2 hours! Love your New Years PJs those are too perfect!

  2. Soon to be Coco

    Love your blog and all of your beautiful outfits! Where was the white dress from? I am dying to find one for my bachelorette party in a few weeks and yours was gorgeous!

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