Vday Love!

Hey dolls! Hope everyone had a great weekend! We had some fun ourselves. Friday night we had a happy hour with my work peeps, that turned into a little fun night out.
I was also dog sitting all the family pups this weekend while everyoen was away at Claire’ Dance compeition. Sadie Jane LOVES Ruby. They are best buds. Its so funny watching them. Everything sadie does, from scratching, to stretching to even going outside to potty.. Ruby follows her every move. So sweet.
That afternoon Jenn and I went and got our nails done for our fancy dinner out with our hubbys. We got our vday dresses on and headed to River Grill for an amazing dinner. It was so so so SO good. Afterwards we went out for a few cocktails and had a fabulous night!

Will you accept this rose… why of course! : )

Tomorrow night I am cooking up a yummy meal for a vday dinner party! Cant wait!

Have a great week guys XOXO


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