Weekend Recap!

Hey hey! Back again for another weekend recap!

We went to Dallas to celebrate my friends up coming wedding. Friday night we went to Javiers for a delcious mexican dinner, the brides fav. Then we headed out to capital grill for a fun night out.

Saturday, Kristys sister, Melissa, had the full day planned. First stop was a palm reader. As I am not a believer in this at all, it was interesting to hear everyones reads. Apparently, I have a very strong marriage, I am going to have three kids (a set a twins!!) and they will be all boys haha. oh and I will live to a very old age. haha. It was pretty funny : )  Then we headed to the hawiian nail salon for mani pedis. We ended up being there forever and we were all SO worn out from the night before that the bride wanted to stay in, instead of going out again. Man we are getting old. lol Sunday we had a yummy brunch and made one final stop at Sprinkles for some amazing cupcakes.. The salted caramel one…. to die for! Here are some fun pics from the weekend!

my ginger drink at lunch on saturday

my pretty nails


 Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!! XOXO


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