Mini Blog Sale

Here are a few items that I am making myself get rid of. They all are new with tags.
Email me at taralaurengibson(at)gmail(dot)com if you are interested
all wil have $5.95 shipping charge and use paypal to pay
adorable chevron dress
Size- Small
Fit details- It was too loose on me up top
Reatil- $49.00
My Price- $40.00
Gorgeous Sequin Chevron Dress
Brand- Arden B
Size- XS
Fit- This dress is too big on me. I HATE to get rid of this, but someone should enjoy it : )
Retail- $89.00
My Price- $70.00

BCBG Romper
Size- XS
Fit- loose, and very cute with belt(has a cute slit in back too!)
Retail- $128.00
My Price $70.00

seriously adorable boutique red dress
(purchased from Janie Rose)
Size- XS
Fit- a tad too short for me, but seriously one of the cutest dresses ever
My Price- $55.00
off the shoulder, Basically Me Dress
(this dress sold out at every local boutique)
Size -S/M
Fit- this was also too big on me, but i have seen girls wear this with a chunky belt and its super cute!
Price $89.00
My Price- $65.00
Again if you have any questions or if you would like to purchase, email me at taralaurengibson (at) gmail (dot) com


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