Promotion and Peeps!

hey pretties! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Well I most definitely am! Today I got a promotion!!!!!! WHHOOO HOOO! I am so excited and feel very very blessed to work for a company that values their employees. I think I deserve something pretty for this, right? ; ) AND look at this fortune I got about 3 weeks ago!! ANNNND the first lucky number has always been my lucky number!!

Last night we had a GNO at my moms. It is actually a funny story. My mom and I were talking two months ago about some fun little GNO holiday things we could do this year. Easter was the next holiday so we decided to have a “Hanging with the Peeps” party. Everyone could bring a dessert made with peeps and we could just have a grand ol time hanging outside. Sounds like a great idea right? Well all of us girls are very busy business women and when last night came, none of us had time to make a peeps dish. SOOO we ordered yummy chicken ceasar pizza(if you haven’t had ceasar salad on top of a garlic chicken pizza you are not living) and we ate peeps out of the package. : ) Life doesn’t always go as you plan, but us girls had a blast laughing the night away.  I didn’t want the night to go without something fab, so I got all the girls a mason jar wine glass. SUPER cute!

We have lots of fun planned this weekend and of course celebrating Easter! God is GOOD!!!!!



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