What I am Loving…

1. Grilled Chicken Nuggets from Chick-fil-A- So I discovered these just a few weeks ago and have been eating them at least once a week. I know, going to chick-fil-A and not getting the fried nuggets is absolutely crazy, but those little guys are not on the beach diet haha. I will admit though, I think I could eat about 12 grilled nuggets apposed to the 6 that comes in the kids meal. (ps 110 callories for 6)

I do skip on the apple mush in a tube and the yucky milk ; )

2. Lilly and Laura bracelets- these are EVERYwhere and if you havent gotten at least three, you are SO behind the times haha ; ) They are just the cuteset little bracelets and they support a great cause!

3. Cute Workout Clothes- NO I am not one of those girls that shows up at the gym in cute gear and just strutts around. I definetly spend quality time on the treadmill, but having cute workout clothes just motivates me even more. I am always finding cute tops at Wal-Mart and Old Navy. Also, a local shop, NWA Party House, just got in a super cute t shirt that I will be wearing at the gym very soon. My mom always taught me to look your best, even if you are breaking a sweat.

oh and look at this adorable t shirt they have too!
4. Tassels- Tassel jewelry is showing up everywhere. I think we will see even more in the fall on purses. I have been collecting all sorts of fun tassel style necklaces everywhere.


Hope everyone is having a great day so far! XOXO


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  1. Deviled Megs

    You can absolutely get the larger nugget size in the grilled version. Not on the adult/regular menu, but if you ask they do it for you! Swap out the fries in a combo meal for a side salad and you are in business!

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