Girls Night Out- Mini Style!

Last night was a FUN and special night. It was Miss Emmas birthday Girls night out! Emma is Boni’s little girl (my friend that is in ICU) and her birthday was tuesday. I wanted to do something super special for her girls with everything that has happened. Boni and her family are like family and I just adore her girls.
So I went shopping and got all three a new dress, matching necklaces, matching purses, and lip gloss. I curled all their hair and we took tons of fun pictures. We went to noodles for dinner and had a blast! We wrote our summer bucket lists and when i told them I wanted a baby they all said “NOOOOOO, then we cant stay the night!” haha Claire said she wanted texting on her iphone but her parents will not let her bc they think she will tell secrets(with a dramatic hand motion). Miss Hannah was the best, she was laughing and giggling the entire night and told us all to raise the roof off! (raise the roof) so cute. BUT the most hilarious thing was that the girls loved our waiter Charlies… they called him charlie. Hannah (the little one) asked me if I thought Charlie was cute and Emma said “HANNAH! Tara is a married woman!” SO funny.
It was a super fun night and I hope I lifted the girls spirits some!

I locked my keys in my car so drew had to come save us : )

Its almost the weekend! YAY! Also if you would like to hear updates on how Boni is doing, please go to my sisters blog. She has been there by Boni’s side every day! Boni is doing better and thank you again for the continued prayers.


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