DIY Necklace!

So I would say I am pretty crafty. I always try to think out of the box when I plan parties and do things that noone has done before. Well when it comes to DIY pinterest projects, I just never take the time to do them. I am no where near as crafty when it comes to accessories like the lovely Maegan,(hey girl!) but I decided to give one a whirl! I thought, if I screw it up, noone will EVER know ; )

Back story… I have been wanting a necklace from Spike the Punch on Etsy as soon as I saw one. I mean glitter, bling and color…. SOLD! Bad news was they are almost impossible to get. As soon as she posts them they are gone in SECONDS! I type extremely fast and I have had a few slip right thru my fingers.

So I decided to make one that was similar. What do you need? Well you need a fancy blingy necklace. I got one of mine from Versona for like $5 and then the other from Icing at the mall. Then you need nail polish. Us girls ALWAYS have that laying around.

You basically pant the jewels you wish with the color you wish and let it dry. Easy as that! You can also use nail pens, sharpies (for a more opaque look) and actual acrylic paint too. I think this would be a super fun project to do with a little girl if you have one.

Here is my finished project.

Pretty good i thought! and one of a kind! ; )
Well then a couple days later, the fashion Gods were looking down on me and I happened to get VERY lucky and scored one of these

isnt she pretty ? : )

AHH the joys of being a girl! Happy necklace making!


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  1. Sami

    I have never thought of making my own but now that you mention it I could totally do it! I am going to try and tackle this over the weekend! Thanks for the idea 🙂

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