Mothers Day Weekend!

Hey guys! First I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Boni. I appreciate all the emails and special notes from yall! She is doing better today! I cant wait to go visit her once we get the “ok” : )
We had a pretty wonderful mothers day weekend. My sister, Rachel, Jace and I surprised my mom with a puppy for Mothers day! She is a DOLL! My mom named her Lucy Monroe and she looks like a mini Sadie Jane (see below). We are all in love.
Lucy is the top pic and sadie is the bottom : )

Saturday I organized a lunch with my friends and our mamas. A few friends couldnt make it last minute, but we had a blast relaxing on the Noodles patio. Very blessed to have such great Friends and to think of their mamas as my own.

Afterwards i went and met the boy at a Graduation party for one of our friends. We had a blast. Then we headed home and took it easy for once on a saturday night. It was pure BLISS!  

On actual mothers day i came down with some sort of sickness…. fever, chills, just BLAH! So I was stuck in bed all day long. I am still trying to shake it. This girl doesn’t like to be down being sick!
We are busy busy planning my little sisters shower! I cant wait!
Hope you guys had a great mothers day, and please continue to pray for Boni and her family!


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