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If you are like me, your jewels can get in one BIG jumbled mess. With us in the process of getting our house, I am researching and trying to get created with ways to store jewelry. I thought I would share some ideas with yall today! A lot of these are unconventional, but you may just have these things around your house!


1. Fashion Mags- Roll up a Fashion mag and just stack your bangles around it.

2. Clear apothecary jars, or vases

3.Paper Towel Holder – you can get a wooden one and paint it chevron or a one like below with a fun design

4. Cup/Baby Bottle Storage- Like the paper towel holder but multiple prongs!


1. Cork Boards or Frames- you can place an empty frame on the wall and have tacks or hooks to display your necklaces. Same with a cork board! you can even cover a cork board with fabric and make it fancy

2. Wrought Iron Hooks- We have these all over our Hobby Lobby stores. Most have 3 hooks that you can layer necklaces over


1. Glass Egg Crate(see a peak above in the pic!), Ice Cub Trays, and Mold trays – You can buy these online and I have seen them at Hobby Lobby. I think the Mascot Molding trays would be adorbs for your gameday jewelry

2. Tart Tins- You can order these here. I love the idea of putting these in rows in a shallow drawer or maybe on a tray on a vanity.

3. Cigar Box or Chocolate Candy Box- empty out the box and take fabric and accordion pleat it. Then hot glue the undersides and ends.  Or you could use the tarn tins above and make it look like candy!

4. Unfinished Wood Mini Drawers- I bought one at hobby lobby. You can paint these as you wish and replace the hardware to dress them up even more!


1. Photo Holder-I got one at pier one that has the circles where you slip the pictures in and i just loop the earrings in on each circle!

2. Vintage Fan- Just loop earrings over the wires

3. Ornate Mirrors Flat- and this looks gorgeous too!

Odds and Ends

1. Vintage Refurbished Toolbox- I saw this idea from a local vintage jewelry shop, Maes, on their instagram. Turning a old toolbox into a vintage piece for your odds and ends is not only a fab idea, but how cute would this be in your closet? I am always needing a place to put safety pins, extra buttons, scissors etc. This would serve as a perfect place for those types of things. I will post pictures of the one I am going to do once its done

2. Receipts- I picked up a miniature shopping cart at Hobby Lobby the other day to put my receipts. I am VERY bad about throwing them away and if I change my mind about something I am stuck with it. I think its just adorable!

Hope this inspries you to think of unique ways to store your fancy thangs! : )



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  1. Emily

    I love the look of apothecary jars with all my bangles, headbands, and hair pins in them. I think they are so pretty as well as useful! Great ideas

    xx Emily @

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