And Here We Go Again…

So…. we kinda sorta bought a house yesterday : ) Our offer was accepted and we are under contract so pending no speed bumps this girl will be a home owner come next month.

Drew and I went and looked at houses on Sunday, we saw 4 and fell in love with one. It was one of those “ah ha” moments when we walked in. I like to say this house is a little bit drew and a little bit me : ) Gorgeous Hard Wood Floors, a big family room, a master closet fit for my dress collection, bay windows in the breakfast nook and a big fenced in back yard for our little sadie jane.  I knew it was a keeper when Drew and I were already picking out light fixtures the second we left the house. Another perk is its brand spankin new!

I am not letting myself get TOO excited yet after what happened to us last year, but I its really hard to contain my excitement! As soon as we have the keys (if i can wait that long) I will be sharing lots and LOTS of pictures with yall.

I ask that if you have a second or two, to think about us during this process. We went thru a lot of emotion and stress last time and I pray that this house is meant to be and we can finally have a place that is ours and that Drew, Sadie Jane and I can call home.

Thank you! XOXO


16 thoughts on “And Here We Go Again…

  1. Janna

    I know exactly what you are feeling! We just closed on our house last October, but there was a house prior that we had an offer on and then they backed out- so I get the highs and lows of buying a home! Will be sending good house thoughts your way!

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