Random Woman

1. My sisters shower is this weekend! My to do list is seriously a mile and half long. I think its going to turn out really really pretty and I cant wait! The Belmont Stakes Race is the SAME day as the shower(fab right?) and there is a Triple Crown Hopeful this year. I made a brochure of the Horses in the big race for the party. They turned out super cute. I cant wait to share all the details with yall.

2. I get asked a lot on email and  instagram where I work. Well I work for Unilever. I am a Customer Demand Replenishment Planner for Sams. I would be willing to bet lots of dollars that all of you have a Unilever product in your household. Just to name a few- Country Crock, Skippy, Slim Fast, Bertolli Frozen, Ben and Jerrys, Dove, Suave, Nexxus, TRESemme, Degree, Wishbone and Lipton. We make a lot of things : ) Its a great company to work for and I really enjoy my job.

3. My sister posted about Claire’s dance year yesterday. You should venture over to her blog and read it! I just adore Claire bear and this picture is seriously the BEST!
4. I have been wanting a monogrammed clutch from Marley Lilly for months! I finally got one and its SO SO cute. PERFECTION for Razorback game days right?
5. My outfit of the day today. Dress is from Forever
6. And just because i think this dress is Precious
Have a fab day!


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  1. GamecockQueen

    Oh my gosh, the F21 dress looks a thousand times cuter on you than on the website. I might have to go to F21 here after work today and see if they have it!! The only problem I've had w/ them is their dresses being too short for me! I don't want to look x-rated, haha.

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