Layer It On!

Layering Necklaces can be a lot of fun or it get be very daunting. Its like finding the perfect recipe of jewelry. What is the perfect recipe? Well here is mine

1. One Statment Piece
2. One Staple Piece
3. One blingy/fun piece

There is always that piece that catches your eye. I start there. Then I add a multi chain staple piece. You probably have a few of these at home already.  Last I look for a fun piece that will add a little pizzazz to your set. Did I just say pizzazz? oh lord. If you are OCD like me when it comes to symmetry, you can alter the length on the chain necklaces just by removing a few chain links.  Here are a few sets I made from forever 21.

Wooden Tribal via  / fox via / Arrowhead via/ pendant via

Layered beaded via / Anchor via / Vibrant Red via

Tear Drop via / Facested Stone via /  Draped Tassel via

Braided Gold/Black via /  beaded swag via /Tribal Beaded via

Have a great weekend guys! XOXO


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