No Splurge Shoes!

So I love a pretty pair of shoes. Especially ones that have Choos at the end of them or a pretty shiny red sole….. BUT I will be the first to admit that I am extremly hard on my shoes. I walk fast, hard and on a mission, like any Southern Lady. So its very unreasonable for me to spend a lot on my shoes for everyday wear. So today I will be sharing some fun inexpensive shoes! Platforms are everywhere and they may look a little scary, but that extra inch under your toes makes them so much more comfortable. So go ahead and slip on some platform shoes, because that extra cushion will make it easier to strut all around town : )
Wear these pretties with some white skinny jeans and a colorful top! These shoes are perfect for a GNO!

I have these and they go with just about everything. Added Bonus…they make your legs look a mile long!

one word.. obssessed. I will always love a big leopard print. Animal prints will always be in style.. but always in smal doses. Pair these with coral/tangerine and be right in line with the latest trends.
Your feet deserve to be festive on the 4th too!

another shoe that would go with so many things! I think these look so soft!
I have a red pair similar to these and the elastic bands are SO comfty! This popsicle pink is just precious.

These remind me of doll shoes. Perfect for an outdoor wedding or cute little southern dress.
these are for you tiny feet ladies! one size 5 left!
1. Coral Strappy Platform via
2. Jute Wedge via
3. Cork Wedge via
4. Leopard Wedge via
5. Red and Blue Wedge via
6. Woven Wedge via
7. Coral Wedge via


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  1. Emily

    Love the coral strappy and the leopard. I could live in wedges….they are so comfortable and cute!

    xx Emily @

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