Southern Girls can Beat the Heat!

I dont know about yall, but this summer heat is just down right suffocating! We all knew this heat was coming after the wimpy winter we had, but geez louise! ITS HOT!

So we all know us southern girls dont sweat… we glisten. But even glistening can wreck havoc on an outfit. So how do we survive this heat? Well I have a few pointers….

Problem 1- Work attire

It is too hot to wear a cardigan, and its just crazy to even think about wearing a blazer. The office is no place for tank tops or strappless dresses, so what is a girl to do?
Solution- Light weight and sheer jackets/overlays/cardis

Mint Jacket via / Embellished Sheer Cardi via / Sheer overlay via / Waterfall Jacket via

Problem 2- Southern Outside Wedding

Outside weddings can be a southern girls favorite. But the sun can be brutal. Noone wants to feel sticky nor have sweat marks on your pretty dress from dancing all night. (Yes us southern girls can get down) Satin fabric is a NO NO and heavy knit fabrics.. well you might as well just forget about joining the dance party. Also, PLLLEASE ladies, never wear white to a wedding. That Southern Rule should be branded in every girls head. Anyone that breaks this rule, well you better be prepared for many many MANY Southern lady Evil Eyes coming your way.

Solution- Loose, lightweight dresses.

Yellow Feather Print Dress via / Mint Chiffon Dress via / Light Pink Dress via / Blue Door dress via

Problem 3- Melting Face

I probably could have descirbed this problem a little better, but it pretty much sums it up. Sun + Make up= melting disaster.

Solution- Primer!

I use Urban Decay Primer for my eye make up. This stuff is amazing. Just take my word for it and try it : ) Smashbox makes a great foundation primer and you can also find great primers at walmart by loreal, maybelline and cover girl. Primer under your eyes can also help mascara from rubbing off on your face.

A few Beat the Heat Pointers

1. Drink Lots of Water.
2. Wear cute flappy hats… say like these.
3. Wear Sunscreen.
4. Use Anit Humidity Hair Spray (garnier makes a great one)

Hopefully these tips will help make the heat a little easier on you girls!


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  1. Sarah O

    Great tips for beating the southern heat! Thank you for your call for no white dresses at weddings, it's so tacky when that happens.

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