Tuesday Tid Bits

So First things first… THANK YOU to everyone that sent me msgs and commented on the shower. Yall sure do know how to make this girl smile!

Lots of you asked where me and my hot mama got our dresses. Well mine is by ABS and hers is by Jessica Simpson. I think my mom had a perfect Gone With the Wind look going. I found mine new on Ebay, so search for ABS Organza Dress.

My office went to “jeans” awhile back and yes thats a MAJor plus, but this girl likes to dress up. My team always tells me that I am like an actress working at a restaurant, because they all think I look like I should be working in the fashion industry rather than working in supply chain. haha. So I knew my outfit today would spark some comments. I love my new leopard pants from Forever : ) I am sure my hubby will have a hilarious comment to say too
Next month is my besties 30th birthday and guess where WE are going…. VIVA LAS VEGAS. I absolutely cant wait to celebrate with her. We booked our flights today and of course that made it feel so much more real that we are going haha. AND for her birthday we are going to go to the new TopShop store and have a personal shopping day. Fun right? I am pretty much day dreaming about it as we speak. Champy, jewels and dreseses.. ahhh bliss Us girls all wear the same size so lets hope there are not girl fights.. lol kiddin kiddin ; )
So my friend Boni who got into that horrific car accident a month ago finally gets to go home today! Can I get a BIG AMEN! I know she is so happy to be able to be at home with her hubby and girls. Now please keep the prayers coming for her recovery!!!
In sporting news, our baseball hogs are heading to the College World Series this weekend! WOO PIG! oh and they are also unveiling our new uniforms tmrw for our football team. A lot of fans, including  myself, have been wanting a black uniform and below is a leaked picture. Guess we will find out if its real tmrw!
Hope everyone is having a great day!! XOXO


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